WATCH: Viral Video Shows Man Let Full Grown Bear Out of His Car

by Shelby Scott

People find lots of strange things in their cars, sure. But one TikTok user posted a video of a fully grown black bear erupting from the front of his vehicle. Relatively docile creatures unless provoked and frequently afraid of humans, bears are typically content to raid your trash and steal your cooler. Or, that is at least the food inside. This particular bear had other plans in mind when it got stuck inside of one camper’s car.

Bears are surprisingly coordinated according to Joseph Deel, the vehicle owner. This one was especially when it came to finagling handles and such on car doors. This young man, unfortunately, saw the destruction of the inside of his car because of it. Check out the video and the bear’s confused reaction before it hops out and runs away.

Deel is known on TikTok by the tag bear_inna_car. He stated that he and his friends had been camping when they heard a horn honk on the mountain. The group emerged from the cabin to find the bear rummaging around in the car. “I just saw my car getting broken,” he said. “I wasn’t really thinking about safety… just about my car.”

Since the video was shared on TikTok, it has claimed over 21 million views. This being the case, we hope some of those viewers remember to lock their car doors the next time they decide to go camping, bears nearby or not.

Getting Rid of the Bear Invader

According to Deel, he had left his car doors unlocked because they were alone at the cabin and felt comfortable that there was no one nearby to break into the vehicle. He also shared that his friends did the same thing and that his vehicle was simply the target that the bear chose. However, Deel said the bear had also tried to break into his neighbors’ and friends’ cars.

Thankfully for Deel, he wasn’t alone when he made the brave decision to simply free the bear from his car. The man yells at the bear, “Go! Get out of here! Go!” in an attempt to scare it away. Deel’s friends yell at the bear too and, almost reluctantly, the creature hops out of the car and into the woods.

“My mind was on adrenaline and I knew I had to think very quickly to get it out of there,” he shared in a later post. Bravely, he stepped up to the side of his car. Viewers might cringe as they hear the crunching and grinding of the door as Deel opens it. From the look of the video, there is some broken glass along with some other random items that fall out after the bear ransacked it.