WATCH: Wave Sends Guy Absolutely Flying After Boarding Down Massive Sand Dune

by Kati Michelle

The Internet continues to highlight the crazy and weird mishaps people encounter all over the world. What can we say? We watch them to make the day a little brighter and feel a little better sometimes. It wasn’t too long ago a Rodeo Clown went flying through the air. You could say he messed with the wrong bull and got the horns. Then there was that story about the flying fish stealing the show at the Open Water Swim event of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. Oh, and remember that Los Angeles guy with the jetpack? In another viral video making rounds, a man also experienced quite the flight. After being sliding down a massive sand dune, the guy’s meeting with the waves was a little… uh, intense. You’ll want to watch the video below for sure.

“Watch This:” Famous Last Words, Probably

Ah, a relaxing day at the beach with your very best bud. The sun, the waves. Sure, the seagulls can be a little pesky, but they can be kind of alright sometimes, too. You’ve got the towels, the gear, and even a boogie board. Suddenly, you see a massive sand dune right off the water and it calls your name. I mean, we can’t really blame the guy in the video for his attempted stunt, can we? The only thing to do in this situation is to grab your boogie board, immediately sprint to the top of the sand dune, and prepare for take-off. So, that’s exactly what this one guy did.

The sand dune is actually so big that it’s hard to even see the boogie board-er at the start of the video. He’s so tiny in the distance, that he looks like a little ant. As he gets closer and closer within the actual frame of the video, you can see just how fast he’s going. It’s actually pretty impressive. Everything is smooth sailing on the flight down and even up to the water. As soon as he meets the waves, however, it’s a different story.

The guy gets launched completely up into the air like a Tesla shooting into space. The air time is a solid 10/10 but makes for an, even more, epic wipeout. The guy even loses his board in the process. Meanwhile, his friend filming the video can’t help but laugh. With so many footprints on the sand dune, it’s safe to say this experimental flight wasn’t the first, and most definitely won’t be the last either.

Barstool Sports shared the gnarly wipeout to their Twitter page. You can watch the video captured by the boogie boarder’s friend and join in the lively conversation taking place in the comments here: