WATCH: Weather Channel Reporter Jim Cantore Nearly Knocked Over by Strong Hurricane Ida Winds During Live Shot

by Jonathan Howard

Now Al Roker has already said his piece about reporting during Hurricane Ida. Jim Cantore of The Weather Channel was also out in the storm. While standing next to a turned-over dumpster, Cantore donned a helmet in the extreme winds. While the wind gusts whipped up, it was almost impossible to hear him over the noise.

When the video starts up, Cantore is taking a real beating from the storm. He is in a stance to keep his weight planted firmly down to the ground, but he almost loses his balance anyway. Even with all the precautions that these professionals take, it is still a dangerous job to stand in the middle of hurricane-force winds.

Not many people would like to be out in a storm like this, even if they were paid to do it. However, pros like Jim Cantore know exactly how to report on Hurricane Ida and other extreme conditions. Although there is some risk, they do take precautions to ensure the safety of the crew. Cantore doesn’t wear that helmet to make a fashion statement. Just look at that dumpster, if that thing came flying at you, there would be some trouble.

Hurricane Ida Leaves Thousands Powerless

Unfortunately, as expected, Hurricane Ida has pummeled the Gulf Coast and into Mississippi. Louisiana has been hit hard. New Orleans is without power across the city. There is no telling when these thousands will get power back. The effects of the storm are still not fully known. Tomorrow morning will reveal the full extent of the damages.

However, there is an idea of the damage. Oil production in the region has almost been almost completely shut down. With 15% of the country’s oil production taking place in the Gulf Coast, that is going to have adverse effects on gas prices, at least temporarily. There is going to be a lot to account for when the clouds clear. Homes and businesses are going to have to be rebuilt and communities will have to come together in the coming weeks. With so many without power, there will be a lot of work to do for emergency services.

There has been so much footage out of Louisiana and New Orleans of Hurricane Ida. Some from storm chasers, some from news crews, and more on social media. With so many intense and downright scary videos, the impact of this storm has been seen by millions at this point. A roof was ripped off of a hospital in Louisiana, and that wasn’t the only roof to be taken in the storm. The winds were so powerful as they came onto land, that the Mississippi River reversed flow. This is a scary storm and hopefully, there isn’t as much damage as expected, but it isn’t looking great.