WATCH: Wild Bald Eagle Couple Repairs Nest Together on Livestream

by Courtney Blackann

You know when you’re scrolling through Instagram and you see those adorable animals videos? You know the ones – a kitten is cuddling with a newborn child or a puppy keeps tripping over its feet. It’s hard to navigate away from those. Well, it will be hard to navigate away from this one too. A pair of bonded bald eagles in Florida have their own cameras, so you can now watch them build their nest.

Zoo Miami announced the project, calling it their 24-hour Bald Eagle Cam in collaboration with Wildlife Rescue of Dade County and Modern Day Tech Solutions. The team will work together “to install a custom-made platform along with a state-of-the-art camera system that will allow anyone to observe the nest any time, 24 hours a day.”

Further, in the clip on Facebook, the pristine birds are grabbing big sticks and placing them around in different areas of the nest. You can literally watch for hours.

“The adult pair has just recently begun the process of building their nest and as of today, spends more time away from the nest doing normal ‘eagle stuff’ than they actually do on the nest, so when going to the live view, you may just see an empty nest still in the process of construction,” the zoo said on Facebook.

Zoo Hopes For Bald Eagle Egg This Season

The zoo hopes the nest will allow the birds safety to produce and egg this year as well. In previous years, the bald eagles’ nests did not survive due to storms.

“This is one of the few eagle nest cams in the world that will allow you to see the behaviors that lead up to the actual construction of the nest, in addition to the hopeful laying of eggs and rearing of chicks! It is truly an intimate look into an amazing world that few have ever had the opportunity to see in real-time,” the Facebook post added.

Additionally, anyone hoping to catch the birds live can watch them anytime day or night at

Man Witnesses Birds in Fight

In a rare sighting, a New York man witnessed one of the most astonishing things he’d ever seen. A pair of bald eagles were completely engaging in a mid-air fight.

“The two eagles circled each other in the air and continued to soar higher to gain an advantage. But one swooped down with its talons outstretched and grabbed its opponent’s feet.”

“The eagle was being dangled in the air, and although it tried to fight back, it was unable to move due to the other eagle’s grip. I believe the eagle was trying to demonstrate aerial superiority and dominance – which worked as the other eagle screeched as it was being dragged and tossed about,” he said. “As the fight continued, it soon ended after the two nearly hit the water and tumbled down to the ground. The dominant eagle released its grip on the other.”