WATCH: Baby Wild Boar Takes Ride on Subway Car

by Jon D. B.

This little piggie almost went wee wee wee all the way to Victoria Harbor! Watch as subway riders take in the tiny wild boar‘s wild ride.

Commuters in large cities have seen it all. This is especially true for those taking the subways of the world to work on the daily. While most subway sights tend to be… Unsightly… This one is, thankfully, as cute as they come.

Indeed, a baby wild boar just took itself a ride through Hong Kong via subway over the weekend. But this tiny commuter didn’t manage to catch just one train – but two! It did so in an attempt to evade transit workers as the viral footage shows – and it’s as hectic-yet-adorable as it sounds.

Around 4 p.m. Honk Kong time Friday, the piglet found its way into the city’s Mass Transit Railway’s Quarry Bay Station, the South China Morning Post reports. There, he became Victoria Harbor bound as commuters struggled to give the tiny wild boar enough room.

The footage comes courtesy of the Hong Kong Wild Boar Concern Group’s Facebook page. Within, the little piggie’s adventure comes with highlights of transit workers continually trying to capture the wild baby. Blue tarp in hand, their efforts are in vain (and hilariously so).

Watch below as the baby wild boar manages to outrun its would-be captors. Hopping from one train to the next, the piglet then heads to a depot where Agriculture, Fisheries, and Conservation Dept. officials are able to wrangle him, reports AFP.

Wild Boar Piglet Gives HK Transit Workers the Chase of a Lifetime

Thankfully, AFP clarifies that the capture was a success. The tiny piglet made it back into the wild unscathed – and all is well for a happy Hong Kong ending.

As for how this came to be, a familiarity with Hong Kong helps. One of the world’s largest, hi-tech, sprawling urban centers, the city isn’t exactly thought of as a wildlife hub. Hong Kong is, however, surrounded by subtropical mountains and wild territories that make animals like this little piglet a common sight for city-goers.

In fact, The New York Post cites that “Boars have previously been spotted running down roads, trotting through crowded beaches, and sniffing the tarmac at the airport” in Hong Kong.

According to the city’s Green Power organization, these “close neighbors,” the wild boar, are of the Eurasian Wild Pig species. They’re native to Hong Kong, and these “usually rural mammals” occasionally find their way into the city as they forage for food.

As is typical with urban areas in close proximity to thriving wild ecosystems, species will habituate themselves to humanity and our easy food sources: trash, scraps, stockpiled food, birdseed, and the like.

Hong Kong citizens need not worry about this species of wild boar attacking, however. Green Power adds that “stories of big wild pigs attacking people frighten many people” due to urban legends and folkore, but the wild boars are “timid and usually avoid humans” in reality.

Well, all for our subway riding piglet, that is.