WATCH: Wild Video Shows Bull Jump Into Crowded Bleachers at Idaho Rodeo

by Jonathan Howard

Going to the rodeo can be a great experience, but it isn’t always the safest place. Bulls can be unpredictable and that’s what happened at an Idaho rodeo last Thursday. While one cowboy attempted to stay on the beast for his round, the animal made quick disposal of his rider. As the cattle handlers and clowns attempted to subdue and contain the animal, the bull started to get more aggressive.

One of the worst things that can happen at a rodeo is a bull get out of control. While venues do their best to contain the animals, they are large and aggressive animals being provoked more by having a person on top of them. That’s the whole sport of bull riding. Luckily, this incident, although unsettling, did not end in tragedy.

Spectators were fortunate that the cable running above the wall was enough to knock the bull backward. With the size and strength the animal has, it would have made quick work of that short wall before heading into the stands. The fact that no one was injured in the incident is amazing.

The good news doesn’t end there, thankfully. The bull was also not injured in the incident. These kinds of jumps could easily hurt the animal. The cattle handlers were able to get the animal under control soon after the jump took place. Perhaps the animal had realized it had no other options left after failing to clear the wall.

Rodeos are one of those events that you need to pay attention to if you are in the crowd. Were a bull to come over the wall and someone wasn’t paying attention, so many things could go wrong. The event organizers took to Facebook and said, “We’re so glad last night didn’t end up as bad as it could have.”

Contemporary Rodeo Under Attack

This incident isn’t great for rodeos as a whole. There are growing movements led by activists to stop rodeos in states such as Oregon. Animal rights activists have long wanted to see an end to rodeos and other related events. However, the culture runs deep in many parts of the country, many colleges and other institutions have teams and investments in similar programs.

Not everything in the rodeo is as aggressive as bull riding. There are plenty of horse riding events and other related activities that show the strong connections between person and animal. Many times rodeos are community events that bring people together over competition and entertainment. Hopefully, there won’t be many other incidents similar to this Idaho rodeo.