WATCH: Wild Videos Show Flooding in New York City Subways as Hurricane Ida Moves Through the Area

by Shelby Scott

While Hurricane Ida ravaged the south over the last weekend, Americans much farther up the Northeast Coast are currently experiencing the remnants of the tropical storm. Heavy rain began early Tuesday morning, flooding roads and waterways. However, one New York City resident captured the major flooding taking over city subways among the heavy rains.

He shared multiple tweets capturing the insane footage. Check them out below.

Several capture the water washing down over the subway trains, more so in waterfalls than anything else. Another shows one platform completely submerged. Additionally, a large, fountain-like upcharge of water shoots from the floor of one platform before washing onto the tracks of the subway trains.

While the subways tend to become overrun with water during heavy rain, instances where entire platforms become submerged, are infrequent. Although when they do occur, flooding is intense. Even leaving the subways can be dicey.

Virginia Suffers Mud Slides Resulting From Hurricane Ida

While New Yorkers suffer major flooding from Hurricane Ida, other states along the coast are seeing impacts from Hurricane Ida’s remnants. Regions across the eastern United States remain under flash flood watches and warnings, and one of those is West Virginia.

The state’s governor, Ralph Northam, declared a state of emergency on Tuesday. The decision came following heavy rains which caused major flooding and mudslides. The Daily Mail states that the flooding caused the destruction of 20+ homes. Further, it led to one missing person so far.

Hurley, VA continues to suffer the heaviest damage, sustaining over 10 inches of rain in certain areas earlier this week. As in Louisiana, state authorities work to cover search and rescue efforts, with assistance from its neighboring state, West Virginia. Virginia may see 6 more inches of water before the storm lets up.

As a result of the rain, the state continues to deal with downed trees, intense flooding, power outages, and harsh travel conditions.

Texas Flooding Created a Mirage-Like Beach

While many regions of the eastern U.S. continue to sustain heavy damage from recent flooding, the Salt Flats outside the Guadalupe Mountains in Texas have briefly become a tropical paradise. A recent report shared that heavy rains flooded the Salt Flats, leaving in its wake a vast expanse of clear, light blue water.

Locals crowded the area to escape the intense heat and, while beautiful, the fun didn’t last long. Unfortunately, the Salt Flats are almost entirely privately owned and soon after visitors began flocking the area, authorities received complaints from landowners.

The Hudspeth County Sheriff’s Office said that after numerous complaints, anyone caught trespassing on the Flats will be issued a warning/citation. So, while this particular flooding gave Texans a brief beachy getaway, legal boundaries have made the scenic area inaccessible.