WATCH: Woman Casually Carries Growling Lion Down the Street

by Matthew Memrick

A Kuwaiti woman carrying a young lion in her arms down a street probably can be called a Lion Queen at this point.

On Sunday, a video caught the young woman carrying a young lion in her arms, according to the UPI news service

As the unhappy lion struggles with the woman, it growls relentlessly at her. The leashed lion is dragged off and away from the camera in another video. The grainy video does not reveal any injuries to the woman. 

Ooh, late actress Betty White would have disapproved of that lion’s treatment.

Social Media Loves Woman’s Bravery Among Other Things

One YouTube commenter added, “Damn thing sounds like it’s got a demon inside of it. Lol.” Another commenter called the woman a “badass,” while many rightfully guessed that the lion was a pet.

Twitter user Dylan Barnes shared the viral tweet, and it has more than 30,000 likes. Some Twitter users joked that they thought the lion was a puma or jaguar from Russia. Others soon scolded them, pointing out that jaguars and pumas don’t live outside the Americas.

Local authorities spotted the lion and helped capture it, wandering the Sabahiya streets. According to the Arab Times, police said the lion belonged to the girl and her family.

The area is south of Kuwait City.

Exotic Animal Laws Differ Throughout Region

The middle eastern country allows residents to keep exotic animals like lions as pets. Other Gulf states consider pet lions illegal.

A country almost 13 hours south of Kuwait City by car, Dubai is cracking down on dangerous animal ownership. According to the Alarabiya Times, a big cat wandering in one community in June 2020 caused officials to step up exotic animals law enforcement.

Authorities in Dubai announced that they were cracking down on dangerous animal ownership in June 2020 after reports of a big cat wandering around The Springs community. 

But, the dangerous animal turned out to be a housecat amid false reports to the authorities.

Meanwhile, Saudi Arabia citizens have paid more than $6,000 for pet cheetahs, according to a report from the Saudi Gazette.

Dangerous Animals In Gulf States

The Alarabiya Times put together a list of four dangerous animals in that region.

Striped hyena, Arabian leopard, honey badger, and scorpions live in the Middle East and are dangerous.

Striped hyenas (not like their smaller cousin Spotted Hyenas) can grow over 100 pounds. In 2014, a man in his 50s died after a wild hyena attack in Yemen. The Dubai-based Gulf News reported on the incident. Oddly enough, Saudi Arabians consider hyena meat a delicacy. Officials there fined one restaurant $2,666 for selling the meat product. 

Arabian leopards are hunted in the region as well. According to the Saudi Gazette, a Saudi inadvertently poisoned an Arabian leopard in 2014 that had killed seven of his camels.