WATCH: Woman Feeds Massive Alligator ‘Best Friend’ From Porch Like a Pet in Wild Video

by Madison Miller

If you feed the alligators, they will come.

One woman decided to befriend a local gator that appears to live in water at the back of her property.

Woman Feeds Backyard Gator

What appears to be her brother films the interaction between the woman and the alligator bestie. He uploaded the viral video to Facebook, where it now has 2.3 million views. He captioned the wild video, “Afternoon on the deck whiskey and water and Sis and her best friend.”

The video starts with the woman standing on the stairs. You can see the alligator slowly creeping forward from a distance. The woman stays firmly planted on the stairs and waits for the alligator to come to her.

She has food to give the reptile. Instead of risking it all by feeding the alligator with her bare hands, because that would just be absolutely ridiculous, she instead has it clenched between a pair of kitchen tongs. It takes a while for the alligator to come all the way up to the woman.

The man recording jokes, “I think he knows he’s on camera.”

Eventually, the alligator snatches the food offering and waddles back in the direction of the water quickly. It doesn’t pause to swallow the food. Given the size of what it was given, the alligator can likely eat it in one bite or perform a death roll on it. This essentially means the alligator will spin or convulse until bite-size chunks remain.

At the end of the video, the woman turns around looking exceptionally proud of herself. Hopefully, that gator doesn’t surprise her one day as she’s coming down the stairs empty-handed. Given the reptile’s razor-sharp teeth and predatory behavior, feeding the wildlife is never a good idea.

According to the comment section, the alligator gets fed every day and “he’s so fat he can hardly walk.”

Woman Removes Alligator from Road

Believe it or not, the alligator-feeding-woman isn’t the only one to get a little risky with the deadly predator recently.

A woman from Louisiana shared a now-viral video on TikTok that shows a woman take on an alligator in the middle of the road.

She attempts to kick the alligator to remove it from the roadway. Clearly, the woman, dressed in a tank top, sneakers, and shorts, had somewhere very important to be. At one point she is attempting to kick the alligator while its mouth is wide open. As one commenter pointed out, “good way to lose a foot.”

In fact, the animal looked ready to attack before a man came out with a metal pole and stopped the interaction.

The best part of it all is that the woman filming has the theme song from “Jackass” playing over the interaction. The woman is certainly lucky. There have been many recent deadly interactions with the reptile. According to CNN, a woman was found dead recently in a retention pond in Florida. The injuries are consistent with that of an alligator attack.