WATCH: Woman Fights Off Wild Coyote With Stick, Gets Rescued by Two Boaters

by Shelby Scott

Marcy Sterlis was enjoying a walk in Cape Cod, Massachusetts when she was forced to fight off a coyote with nothing but a stick.

A video shows her alone by the water’s edge, swinging a stick back and forth toward the animal, who persistently followed and circled her. With the help of two nearby fishermen, Sterlis escaped the animal and narrowly avoided a potential attack.

According to WIS News, the coyote chased her from the sand dunes down to the water’s edge. “I was assuming it would react and leave. And it didn’t,” she said. She shared that the coyote completely caught her off guard and that it kept heading toward her.

Normally shy of humans, the coyote exhibited strange behavior the way it followed Sterlis along the water’s edge, especially while she was swinging a stick at it. In theory, an animal occupying space that close to a threatening, noisy human should have run away.

“The cape provides great coyote habitat,” said Dave Wattles of the Massachusetts Fish and Game Commission. The coyotes are frequently exposed to humans on the cape. Wattles believed this particular coyote exhibited such strange behavior because there is a good chance people had fed it before. In this way, it was used to humans and explains why the creature did not fear Sturgis.

In concluding the article, WIS News stated that humans should never turn their back on a coyote. They also stated that that person should try to make loud noises and appear big.

A “Wildly Brave” Yorkie Confronted a Coyote in Toronto, Canada

While Sterlis was saved by two fishermen on a boat, a 10-year-old Toronto girl was saved from a coyote by her incredibly brave pet Yorkie. While coyotes aren’t known for frequently attacking humans, it does happen as human and animal habitats more frequently overlap.

According to ABC 7 Chicago, the girl had been taking the dog for a walk when the coyote began chasing the pair. While Lily Kwan, the dog’s owner, escaped, footage showed the Yorkie turning to confront the animal. The much larger coyote was two to three times the dog’s size. According to the article, the coyote stood out in a strange way too. Despite broad daylight and an overabundance of noise, the creature continued to attack. Similar to Sterlis’s incident above, the coyote remained unphased.

Once the video went viral, support for the little Yorkie started pouring in. Although the little dog went to ICU at the family’s vet, they expect her to make a full recovery. Kwan and her family began a Gofundme for the dog’s vet bills and since, they have raised over $33,000. For such a brave dog, the cost is definitely worth it.