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WATCH: Woman Films Intense Moment Orca Whales Surround Her Boat as Sea Lion Attempts Seeking Shelter

by Jon D. B.
(Photo by Allen J. Schaben/Los Angeles Times via Getty Images)

“You gotta go! Get off the boat!” Watch as the circle of life finds its way directly onto this woman’s deck via sea lion escaping this mighty pod o’ orcas.

Imagine how many things we’d never see if TikTok wasn’t a thing. Take this boat captain, for instance. She’s surrounded by a pod of at least 3 orcas (see: killer whales) screaming “I don’t know what to do!” – yet has her phone out filming it the entire time. Welcome to 2021, I guess!

Perhaps we feel safer with our phones out recording nowadays; like having the TV on when you’re not watching it simply to feel less alone. Maybe this woman feels a connection to the world while filming for TikTok in a way that brings comfort during what could’ve been her final moments.

Or maybe, just maybe, she knew exactly what was going to happen and saw a perfect opportunity for a killer video. The world may never know.

Either way, HOOD VOGUE is sharing the viral video for the Twittersphere and lays down the details for us Outsiders.

“A sea lion hopped on this woman’s boat on tik tok with 3+ Orcas surrounding the boat to get it and they tearing the woman UP for telling the sea lion to get off,” HOOD VOGUE captions the post. See for yourself below:

“The sea lion eventually went into the water… Welp,” adds HOOD VOGUE of the footage by TikTok’s @nutabull.

Score one for humanity, I guess.

Orcas vs Sea Lion vs Human: Who Wins?

“No! No, no, no, no, no! Did you see what just came up onto my boat?” the woman asks [her phone] as the orca pod surfaces directly beside her.

“You gotta go! You gotta go… Get off the boat!” she shouts.

Meanwhile, the sea lion gives her an excellent side star, as if to say: “No, [expletive], you get off the boat!”

“Oh my God, oh my God… I don’t know what to do!” she continues. Her phone must have an excellent stabilization tool for its camera. She has to be, as Elvis would say, shakin’ like a leaf on a tree.

There’s also the chance that she’s seen this several times before. Marine-going citizens who live in tandem with sea lions often have these puppies of the sea seek refuge on vessels from predators. While this is common, orcas actually attacking said vessels to secure their meal is not. Only a handful of cases of orcas purposefully attacking human ships exist, and there are always extenuating circumstances. They’re incredibly intelligent marine mammals, and will readily distinguish between a human contraption vs. an iceberg, etc.

But hey, you never know when you’ll end up “the first” – so might as well let that fear consume you. Also, kudos to this woman for knowing better than to try and approach and/or push that sea lion off the boat. Sea lions can be incredibly dangerous, as can most animals when they need to be.

What a clip.