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WATCH: Woman Threatens to Call Cops Over Man Catch & Release Fishing

by Clayton Edwards
(Photo by Westend61 via Getty Images)

You just can’t win with some people. An Australian man who goes under the name Shroom on YouTube learned that first-hand earlier this month. Shroom was minding his own business, fishing from a dock when an angry woman approached him.

Her gripe was that he killed a fish. According to the YouTuber, he hadn’t killed the fish. He was practicing catch and release fishing and the fish died after release.

In the video, she demands to know, “Why did you just kill that fish and throw it back in and kill it? [sic]” Even when Shroom denies that he killed the fish, she presses on with, “You did so! I saw it and it’s floating here.”

Before threatening to call the authorities, the woman demands to see Shroom’s fishing license. He tells her that he has one, but does not show it to her. Why would he?

It’s important to note that he continues to fish throughout the exchange. It is unclear if she is angry about the fish dying or the practice of catch and release fishing.

Keeping a cool head, Shroom begins to back away. At the same time, he tells the woman, “There’s nothing wrong that I’ve done, absolutely nothing at all. I know my rules and reg-” he is cut off when she yells that he is lying.

At this point, he tells her to call the Department of Primary Industries, which regulates fishing in Australia. She says she will, adding that she would call the local police. In the end, he tells her to “go ahead” and goes back to casting his lure as she storms off in an indignant huff.

Catch and Release Fishing Makes Sense

Catch and Release fishing has been popular in America for a long time. It only caught on in Australia in the 1980s. This technique allows anglers to lower fishing pressure on fish and also helps heavily fished areas maintain a healthy population. At the same time, anglers can spend more time in the water without going over their daily bag limit. Everyone wins.

The fact that the fish died after Shroom released it is just bad luck.

According to the Department of Primary Industries, most fish have a high rate of survival after being released. According to their site, there are only a handful of things that cause fish mortality during catch and release fishing. Among those are deep hooking and poor handling. It’s impossible to know what happened before the video started, but Shroom did admit that he was having an issue getting the fish off of his hook. So that may be the reason for this fish’s death.

We can just be glad that cooler heads prevailed and Shroom kept his line in the water after the exchange.