WATCH: World’s Bravest Man Wrangles 14-Foot Crocodile Using Only a Rope

by Amy Myers

It takes a special kind of person to volunteer to wrangle a 14-foot crocodile. It takes an insane person to do so with only a rope in hand.

Recently, an Indonesian man named Usman stepped up when his fellow Ambau Indah villagers were at risk of becoming a giant crocodile’s next meal. According to Usman’s conversation with The Straits Times, the reptile had been hanging around the area for the past couple of days, and he worried an unsuspecting fisherman or rice farmer may run into the croc.

“There are also gutters around the road here, places where locals fish,” Usman explained. “It would be dangerous if it crawls there. I had to take a chance.”

He used a 10-foot rope to wrangle the giant reptile, steering it by its massive jaws. Somehow, Usman managed to work the fraying rope behind the crocodile’s tons of teeth along its gums so that it couldn’t bite through or break free. It was an incredibly dangerous yet apparently effective method.

“If we had left it, it would have come onto land and we wouldn’t have been able to go into the rice fields,” Usman told NSBB News.

Not surprisingly, Usman’s friends and neighbors were grateful to him for acting so quickly and fearlessly. Also admirable was the fact that the local hero decided to report the capture to authorities to relocate, rather than kill it. Even with recent crocodile attacks, Usman knew that these creatures were a valuable part of the environment.

“Some even consider it a heroic act, because it saved many people who could have become victims,” said Umar Siddiq Al Farizi. “He (Usman) considered this a rare animal whose habitat had been damaged by floods. He thought it should be protected and not killed.”

Natural Resources Team Transports Crocodile Away from Village

While the man didn’t seem to need any help, wildlife professionals soon arrived on the scene to help finish the capture job.

The head of the Natural Resources Conservation Agency stated that their job was to “evacuate” the crocodile and “take him to Kendari (to release in the wild).”

With the help of the brave local, the team managed to bind the croc’s arms, legs and jaws so that they could remove the animal from the area without risking harm to either species.

It took a combination of locals and Natural Resources professionals to load the bound crocodile onto the truck. Once there, they transported the reptile to an area where it could safely wander and find food without interfering with two-legged residents. The giant creature barely fit into the bed of the truck, the tip of its tail slowly wagging as the crew pulled away.