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Watch: Yellowstone National Park’s Giantess Geyser Erupts for First Time in Six Years

by Halle Ames
(Photo Credits: NurPhoto / Contributor/ Getty Image)

After remaining dormant for over six years, Yellowstone National Park’s Giantess Geyser erupts. 

Wyoming’s Yellowstone National Park geyser, Giantess Geyser, “roared back to life” after a six and a half year slumber on Tuesday. According to the National Park Service, the geyser would erupt two to six times per year in the past. However, after six years of building pressure, Giantess Geyser finally popped like a balloon. 

Park goers looked on while the giant geyser shot hot steam high in the air. The explosion was also observable from the Yellowstone National Park’s Upper Geyser Basin live-stream.

Giantess Geyser is described as having infrequent eruptions. However, when they do occur, they are violent. When erupting, the massive fountain-type geyser can cause the whole area to shake due to underground steam explosions.

The National Park Service says that eruptions can happen twice an hour and continue to erupt for four to forty-eight hours. Burst can reach up to 100 to 200 feet high. 

This unique lengthy gap in eruptions at Giantess Geyser is the longest since at least the 1980s. Occasionally, the geyser does go through year-long breaks between explosions, says the United States Geological Survey (USGS).  

“Why geysers turn off and on is something that is not well understood,” the USGS tweeted. They went onto say, “they are very fragile systems.”

Twitter users commented on the post highlighting the irony of the past year. 

Others showed their fear of an eruption of the Yellowstone super volcano that has been dormant for 664,000 years. The blast would be devastating and cover most of the United States in hot volcanic ash.   

As for the state of Yellowstone, the United States Geological Survey reassured users.

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