WATCH: Yellowstone National Park Wolf Chases Baby Pronghorn, Bison Step In

by Jonathan Howard

Yellowstone National Park is full of tons of wildlife, including more than a few wolves. One almost had the catch of the month, and it was caught on camera. It is so interesting to see how animals interact in the wild. This video might be a perfect calculation of Yellowstone. Honestly, all it’s missing is a grizzly bear and a geyser.

The video was captured by parkgoers and posted to YouTube. It was a black wolf that took off after a baby pronghorn. Momma pronghorn did her best to get in between the predator and her baby. Then, the bison herd got involved. It takes a village, you know?

Check out the video below.

Those that are preyed upon apparently stick together. The momma pronghorn swooping in and out of the wolf’s attack line, the bison causing commotion, it’s all great. Except if you’re in the wolf’s shoes, I guess. For this black wolf, it’s going to be another hunt for something else along the way.

Above everything else in this video, it’s just beautiful seeing nature in action. National parks like Yellowstone are so wonderful and this is another reminder that we have to protect them at all costs. With wildlife like this running around and just doing what it was meant to do, what could be better? While the battle of predator and prey continues, the pronghorns will go their way. Then the wolf will try to get whatever meal it can.

So, don’t get too upset either way. These animals will go on about their business and perhaps meet again further down the road. Which team are you on, team wolf or team pronghorn?

Yellowstone National Park Visitors Recall Their Encounter

The folks that took the video were more than excited to take in the scene. I mean, video is one thing, but seeing it live in person is something completely different. Probably enough to give someone chills. Yellowstone National Park, the wolf, the bison, and pronghorn – it’s a beautiful scene.

“A black wolf chases a baby pronghorn in Lama Valley, Yellowstone National Park. The mother pronghorn helps protect the baby by trying to distract and make the wolf chase her instead. Even the bison try to help the baby pronghorn by blocking the wolf’s path. The baby pronghorn was able to escape the wolf by using its amazing speed and endurance. Handheld video was taken from inside our car. We were towing our trailer on our way to our campsite for the evening and were not prepared for this incredible sight!”

Another day in Yellowstone, another amazing video. Congrats to those who captured the video and were able to share it with the world. What a cool moment.