13th Tropical Storm of the Season Forms in North Atlantic As Lisa Approaches Gulf of Mexico

by Shelby Scott
(Photo by NOAA via Getty Images)

Though parts of Central America and Florida are still recovering from the devastating Category 4 Hurricane Ian weeks after it made landfall, forecasters predict a new storm, Tropical Storm Lisa could slam the Gulf of Mexico in the coming days. Simultaneously, weather experts at the National Hurricane Center have their eyes turned to another new hurricane that has formed over the central north Atlantic.

According to CBS12, the National Hurricane Center has begun issuing advisories about a new tropical storm, Tropical Storm Martin, after forming in the central north Atlantic Ocean. Alongside Tropical Storm Lisa, the two latest storms mark the 12th and 13th major weather events of this year’s hurricane season.

As of the NHC’s 11 a.m. advisory, Tropical Storm Martin was located 800 miles east-northeast of Bermuda. The new tropical storm brought maximum sustained windspeeds of 50 miles per hour, moving eastward at 12 miles per hour.

Forecasters expect the newest tropical storm to keep moving across open waters in the north Atlantic Ocean for the next several days. Fortunately, experts don’t believe Tropical Storm Martin to be a threat to the United States.

Comparatively, Tropical Storm Lisa could potentially unleash significantly more destruction. Lisa continues to strengthen as she makes her way across the Caribbean Sea, the storm located less than 500 miles east of Belize. Compared to Tropical Storm Martin, Lisa is moving marginally faster, with maximum sustained wind speeds of 60 miles per hour traveling westward at 14 miles per hour. Forecasters predict Lisa to make landfall in Belize late Wednesday night. Like the new tropical storm, Lisa also does not pose a threat to the U.S.

Terrifying EF-1 Tornado Rips Alabama Home to Shreds

With climate change having a severe impact on our planet’s extreme weather patterns, tornadoes, hurricanes, and tropical storms have grown both more common and more powerful. Florida alone saw more than 100 deaths in the wake of Hurricane Ian, which struck the Sunshine State’s west coast at the end of September and left untold numbers of people homeless. As Florida contends with the physical and emotional damage left behind by the Category 4 hurricane, residents of Alabama were recently left picking up the pieces of their own lives after an EF-1 tornado shredded one family’s mobile home to bits.

Over the Halloween weekend, residents of Bon Secour, AL faced a terrifying EF-1 tornado that downed trees and powerlines and left thousands of people across the region without power. However, one mother and son potentially have the most unsettling story of all as the tornado ripped their home to shreds with them inside.

“By the time I went to go to my son so we could be in the same room,” resident Joann Valinsky said, “[the tornado] had already blown us everywhere.”

Valinsky and her son, despite the horror of the situation, are lucky to be alive. After the storm touched down, the winds completely flipped their mobile home, sending it rolling, before a boat came crashing into the wall. Afterward, both mother and son required stitches, and Valinsky sustained several broken ribs.

“It felt like a train just vibrating through the whole house,” the Alabama resident recalled. “The power was still on when we flipped the first time…We just rolled and rolled and rolled.”