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Arctic Blast Reportedly Responsible for Infant’s Death as Deadly Temperatures Engulf Northeast

by Emily Morgan
Arctic Blast Responsible Infants Death Deadly Temperatures Engulf Northeast
Photo by: Kyryl Gorlov

The constant frigid temperatures and high winds of an arctic blast are now to blame for at least one death. On Friday, severe winds reportedly took an infant’s life in Southwick, Massachusetts.

According to a statement from the Hampden district attorney’s office, the strong winds resulted in a tree branch falling on a car that a 23-year-old woman was driving. The woman, who hailed from Winstead, Connecticut, was later taken to the hospital after suffering multiple severe injuries. Sadly, authorities later reported that the infant died in the incident.

The intense arctic blast has brought life-threatening wind chills and temperatures in the past several days in the northeast. Forecasters say conditions will continue through Saturday evening.

“Temperatures will be 10 to 30 degrees below average over parts of the Northeast into the coastal mid-Atlantic,” the National Weather Service said in a statement early on Saturday.

In addition, the agency has issued wind chill warnings and advisories across New York state and New England.

The weather service also noted that gusty winds could result in power outages and damage residences and businesses in affected areas.

The agency’s warnings come after temperatures plunged to life-threatening levels. For instance, officials at New Hampshire’s Mount Washington Observatory reported a record-breaking wind chill of minus 101 degrees.

Meanwhile, schools in Boston and Worcester, Massachusetts, closed on Friday after officials raised concerns about the dangers of hypothermia and frostbite for children who walk to school or wait for buses.

Northeast continues to endure arctic blast’s fury

In addition, after the weather service reported wind chills up to minus 30 and 40 F in northern Massachusetts, Boston Mayor Michelle Wu issued a state of emergency until Sunday. She also opened warming centers to help the city’s homeless population find respite from the elements.

At the same time, New York officials issued a “Code Blue” alert that calls for sub-freezing temperatures. As a result, they also opened several emergency shelters.

Forecasters also expect New Yorkers to experience single-digit temperatures and wind chills of minus 10 to 15 F.

Additionally, more than 11,000 properties in the state were left in the dark early Saturday. In Maine, more than 5,000 homes were also without power.

Across the county in Texas and other parts of the south, people are still recovering after a fatal winter ice storm brought along freezing rains, sleep, and ice. This resulted in severe power outages and hazardous roads.

However, the weather service also noted that “snow will move into parts of California overnight Saturday,” adding that on Sunday, another round of heavy snow will slam into the Sierra Nevada mountains on Saturday night through Sunday.