Buffalo Snowstorm: New York Gov. Reveals Hundreds Needed to be Rescued

by Megan Molseed
(Photo by Tayfun Coskun/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images)

A massive snowstorm hit Buffalo New York late last week and into this weekend. The massive weather event ended up leaving hundreds of Buffalo residents stranded as the storm moved through the area leaving major weather issues in its wake. According to reports, this storm came in fast causing a rapid accumulation of the white stuff. With some areas seeing an accumulation of up to five feet.

The snowfall numbers were so high, officials note, that it nearly broke state records for the most snow to fall in the area in 24 hours. According to New York State Governor Kathy Hochul, this is an accumulation speed she had never seen before.

New York Governor Thanks Those Who Stepped In To Help As The Snowstorm Pummels The Buffalo Area

The Governor of New York, Kathy Hochul is thanking officials and volunteers for their tireless efforts in helping New York residents as areas throughout the state were pummeled with massive snowfall late last week and into the weekend. According to Hochul, crews were working tirelessly over the last few days to try and manage the massive snowfalls.

“This is the effort we’ve brought together,” the New York state governor says in a recent statement.

“Bringing resources, people, equipment from all over the state of New York,” Hochul adds. “And because we were so preemptive in this strike, we were able to avert many tragedies.”

Hochul credits local officials for implementing travel bans throughout the area. Even shutting down major highways to keep drivers off the slippery roadways. A move, the governor says, that helped to prevent accidents, ensure road safety, and most importantly, protect human life.

Hochul adds that she is working with officials to double the number of New York National Guard troops on the ground in the area. These officials will be stepping in to check on residents in the areas hit with major snowfalls. They will also be on hand to help with snow removal wherever it is necessary. The governor is also signing a request for funding through the Federal Emergency Disaster Declaration program.

Western New York Remains Under Warnings As The “Bursts” Of Snow Continue Throughout The Area

The massive snowfalls hit the area initially late last week, However, Saturday night brought some of the heaviest snowfalls to the Buffalo residents, official statements note.

The National Weather Service issued a special weather statement late Saturday night. This statement was warning residents of a “heavy band of heavy snow” headed into the area. The band is accompanied by high winds which create dangerous “snow bursts” throughout the area.

“This band of heavy snow is producing extremely heavy snow at the rate of 2 to 3 inches per hour,” the statement notes. “Use extra caution if you must travel,” the warning continues. “Rapid changes in visibility and potentially slick roads may lead to accidents.”

The storm took a shift by Sunday morning moving south toward the Cleveland area. However, Buffalo residents remain under warnings as blowing snows continue to bring in dangerous conditions.