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Dad Gets ‘Firsthand Experience’ with Georgia Tornado, and He Caught the Horrifying Event on Camera

by Emily Morgan
Dad Georgia Tornado Caught Event Camera
Photo by: Jordan Carruthers

After 35 tornadoes touched down in Georgia and Alabama, we’re getting a first-hand look at the storms thanks to social media. In Alabama, one person captured a massive twister after it made landfall in a pasture outside of Montgomery.

Now, we’re taking a closer look at another clip from the peach state showing someone recording what appears to be security footage as the ferocious weather knocks over a trailer, hurl debris into the air, and shake the recording camera. Check out the wild clip below.

In the tweet, the user gave some insight into the incident. “My dad got firsthand experience with a tornado yesterday, and fortunately, everyone made it out unscathed.” He also added that the event took place in LaGrange, Georgia.

Afterward, the post received a huge influx of comments and reactions from users. One user wrote, “That has to be one of the strongest security cameras I’ve ever seen!”

While the user pointed out that everyone in the nearby office was safe, we can’t say the same for other people. Several people sadly lost their lives following the deadly string of storms. According to reports, a five-year-old boy from Georgia and six others people in Alabama passed away after the storms ripped through the southeast.

The young boy died after a tree fell on a car, and an adult was later transported to the hospital.

In Georgia, at least half a dozen tornadoes were reported in and around the Atlanta and DeKalb County areas.

In addition, at least 200,000 residents lost power during the intense storms, leaving a path of significant destruction and devastation.

Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp declares a state of emergency as crews work to clean up damage following tornadoes.

According to a Georgia Power Outage Map, thousands were left in the dark. Later, crews worked round the clock to restore power to residents. In addition, emergency services worked tirelessly to clear roadways and downed trees.

In addition, fire departments reported several buildings were damaged by a tornado that migrated through Spalding County.

Footage from Griffin county also revealed significant damage to a Hobby Lobby store. In the clip, the store’s roof came undone as items were hurled into the air.

Later, Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp declared a state of emergency.

“Throughout this evening, Marty’s and my thoughts will return to those impacted by today’s severe storms and tornadoes,” Kemp said Thursday afternoon, noting his wife, First Lady of Georgia Marty Kemp.

He added: “I have declared a State of Emergency and ordered all relevant agencies to respond with an all-hands-on-deck approach to the affected communities.”

In a tweet, Kemp also wrote that disaster response teams have begun surveying the damage caused by the tornados.