Denver’s First Snow of the Season Causes Massive 100-Car Pileup

by Shelby Scott
(Photo by Ty O'Neil/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images)

In most states across the U.S., we’re still enjoying the crisp fall weather while we can. However, recent snows in Denver, Colorado caused a major multi-car pileup on Friday morning. Slick roadways resulted in a massive crash involving 100 vehicles.

According to NBC News, the Friday morning crash forced the closure of multiple areas along a Denver highway. Affected regions included eastbound and westbound West 6th Avenue at North Kalamath Street to North Federal Boulevard. The outlet reports areas across the city saw anywhere from two to four inches of snow. Denver Police Department shared important updates about the massive pileup on social media.

The police department addressed Denver residents in a Tweet. They wrote on the platform, “last night’s storm wasn’t the worst we’ve seen but it did manage to make roads across the metro area very slick. Slow down.”

Per the post, the police department also emphasized that, thanks to the overnight snowfall, Denver was officially on “crash alert.”

Fortunately, despite the insane number of cars involved in Friday’s pileup, authorities reported zero deaths. In addition, injuries were reportedly minor. For people that involved but with drivable vehicles, authorities said, “Officers are working to clear a path for other involved motorists to leave. We appreciate everyone’s patience.”

Immediately following the pileup, first responders cautioned Denver commuters to be aware of icy, snow-covered roads amid dropping temperatures.

Friday’s snowfall is significant for another reason. Last year, Denver broke a near-90-year record for the latest first snowfall of the year. While Coloradans have already been forced to break out their snow shovels and rock salt, Denver didn’t see its first snowfall last year until just a few days before Christmas. Therefore, Denver’s first snowfall might seem ridiculously early to us, but it’s (potentially) a blessing for winter weather lovers that missed out on early snows last year.

Michigan’s First Snow of the Year Blew Denver’s Accumulations Out of the Water

Though we still have well over a month before we celebrate the first official day of winter, states across the country have already begun experiencing winter weather conditions. Denver’s Friday snowstorm marks one of the earliest of the season, however, snowfall totals across regions of Michigan last month blows Denver’s most recent accumulations out of the water.

Altogether, a mid-October storm brought about 18 inches of snow to Michigan’s Upper Peninsula and northern regions of Wisconsin. Plummeting temperatures combined with powerful winds across warm Great Lake waters to make winter weather like this possible.

Meteorologists predicted at the time that certain states and regions could see as much as 2-3 inches of snowfall per hour. That’s in comparison to just four inches of snow across Denver on Friday. Still, the snowy conditions on both occasions had far-reaching results. While snowfall across the Colorado city resulted in a major highway pileup, thousands of residents across Michigan were left without power last month. That’s especially significant considering how rapidly temperatures in the area plummeted and how those frigid temperatures affected broad regions across the country.

Cold weather bands out of Michigan were felt as far away as the Northeast.