Fall Storm Could Bring First Major Snowfall to Northeast US

by Shelby Scott
(Photo by Andrew Theodorakis/Getty Images)

Days after Hurricane Nicole slammed regions across Florida, yet another fall storm could potentially bring significant precipitation to the U.S. Multiple states throughout the north and southeastern U.S. impacted by the storm could see their first measurable snowfalls of the season.

Southern States to See Another Cold Weather Event

The New York Post reports that the fall storm system is expected to impact regions of the Great Plains early Monday morning. This includes states like Oklahoma, Kansas, and Texas. Cities across TX could see up to two inches of rain. Some severe thunderstorms could also potentially affect the southeast region of the Lonestar State and up into LA. Storms across these southern states could pack wind speeds reaching 60 miles per hour while producing heavy rain and hail.

Fortunately, though, the news outlet reports that the storm is expected to pass over these Southern states quickly. From there, it will take a northeastward path later Monday evening.

By Tuesday, forecasters are expecting the storm system to head even farther east. Accompanying weather conditions could impact regions like the Mississippi and Tennessee Valleys. Areas across the valleys could potentially see their first measurable amounts of snowfall. On the warm side of the front, much of the Southeast could endure significant rainfall.

Fall Storm System Affecting Regions From Great Lakes to Adirondacks, with Snowfall Likely

Simultaneously, the storm is expected to bring cold weather to regions that have already seen their first measurable snowfall of the year, including the Upper Midwest and Great Lakes. To the east, forecasters believe the fall storm system will strike the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic by Wednesday, with a low-pressure area bordering the coast.

The I-95 corridor could like see noteworthy amounts of snowfall, which in turn will impact the morning commute. The storm system will then move up through New England, reaching Adirondack, Green, and White mountain ranges.

North Dakota Winter Storm Topples Driving Range Nets

While the first day of winter doesn’t occur until late December, diverse regions across the U.S. have already begun to see impactful winter storms. The Northeast seems to be the target of the approaching storm system, however, farther west, North Dakota endured such a major storm that it actually toppled multiple driving range nets like dominoes in a viral clip.

According to The Weather Channel, the domino-like ice sheets fell at a driving range in Fargo, North Dakota. The winter storm, which was expected to bring 18 inches of snow to the region in its first winter storm of the season. The video itself sees ice falling and coating the nets which, under the weight of the sheets, come crashing down one by one.

That’s just the beginning though. Slick conditions resulted in a chain-reaction car crash that totaled a state trooper’s vehicle.