Freeze Alerts Issued For Over 70 Million Americans As Cold Air Season Hits Midwest, South, & East

by Shelby Scott
(Photo by Islam Dogru/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images)

It’s fall here in the U.S. but soon enough, more than 70 million Americans are going to experience winter-like temperatures, with freeze alerts issued to folks in the Midwest, South, and East.

However, that’s just the beginning. Fox Weather reports that with frost and freeze alerts active nationwide, areas between the Great Lakes and the Northeast can also potentially expect “rounds of snow, rain, and gusty winds.”

Per the outlet, a strong low-pressure system is responsible for the upcoming winter-like weather conditions, the storm system ushering in a widespread “chilly air mass” that could find its way toward the Gulf Coast later in the week. Americans are expecting to see the cold front after it makes its way into and out of Canada on Monday. By Tuesday and Wednesday, most Americans along the Eastern Seaboard can expect to feel the dip in temperatures.

According to reports on the incoming storm system, the frigid temperatures and winter-like weather is the result of a “dip in the jet stream.” Fox Weather meteorologist Jason Frazer said, “That [dip in the jet stream] is essentially allowing all of that cold, Canadian air to sneak down.”

Overall, forecasters expect that over 60 million Americans from the Canadian border to the Southeast will experience below-freezing temperatures Tuesday and Wednesday mornings. Southern cities including Nashville, Tennessee and Birmingham, Alabama could see morning temperatures dropping as low as 32 degrees. Meanwhile, interior regions of the Northeast and New England could see temperatures nearing, and even dropping below freezing. The sudden drop in temperatures is expected to put an end to growing seasons across much of the nation.

Winter Weather Warnings and Advisories in Effect Amid Ongoing Freeze Alerts

Fortunately, Americans impacted by the incoming cold front should avoid extreme winter weather like snow. However, in the far north, specifically near the Great Lakes, still-warm waters could combine with frigid temperatures resulting in lake-enhanced snow and rain showers.

Fox Weather meteorologist Britta Merwin said of the incoming winter weather, “The first half of the workweek looks very winterlike for the Great Lakes.”

That said, snowfall could be far-reaching, coating cities, like Chicago, Milwaukee, Pittsburgh, Cleveland, and Columbus in a wet blanket. Fortunately, though, forecasters don’t expect any of the snow to stick. Still, the frigid temperatures, combined with expected precipitation, marks the first significant winter weather event of the season for this particular region.

With snow a major possibility along the Canadian border this week, forecasters have issued a multitude of Winter Storm Warnings, Winter Storm Watches, and Winter Weather Advisories. These will likely remain in effect through Tuesday morning.

Nearer the coast, regions across New England are expecting different weather events, with forecasters predicting flash flooding across eastern Maine through Wednesday. In addition, wind gusts, especially in the interior Northeast, are expected to bring further frigid temperatures and make for dangerous boating conditions both across the Great Lakes and along the East Coast.