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Grandma Reveals Wild Dashcam Video From Inside the Eye of a Tornado

by Emily Morgan
Grandma Reveals Wild Dashcam Video From Inside Eye Of Tornado
Photo by: Brian Davidson / Stringer

After tornados ripped through parts of Texas, people are sharing their horrifying photos and videos from the deadly weather event. For instance, one woman recently shared a clip of how she and her family were forced to wait out the terrifying tornado from inside their car.

During the harrowing event, Irma Cantu’s dashcam captured footage of the tornado as it moved overhead of her and her daughter and grandson. Meanwhile, her family braced for the twister’s lethal impact. Before, the family was on their way back home after they picked up her grandson from school.

YouTube / WAAY-TV 31 News

Once the furious tornado got closer, they were forced to pull over and take cover. But, according to Cantu, she and her family were left helpless. At the time, the tornado hurled debris in their direction and the wind picked up speed.

“I just looked around, there was nowhere that we could go,” she said. “So I just put the car in park, I put my emergency brake on. I could feel objects hitting my car repeatedly it was terrifying.”

Thankfully, no one was hurt. Unfortunately, however, she couldn’t say the same for her SUV.

Earlier this month, Texans were inundated with wild weather in Houston. The tornado knocked over power lines, sent debris flying, and destroyed homes and businesses.

At the time, the National Weather Service issued a tornado emergency for parts of the state, cautioning people that a “large, extremely dangerous and potentially deadly tornado” had made landfall. They also announced it was headed toward Baytown, a town roughly 25 miles east of Houston.

In the aftermath, officials reported people’s homes and businesses were mangled. In addition, the phenomenon took out utility poles and power lines. Cars, including a trailer, were also marred or turned over due to the twister.

Tornadoes rip through Texas, leaves home and businesses in pieces

However, there were no reports of serious injuries.

In Pasadena, drone footage captured downed trees, flooding, and ruined roofing and siding. The city’s animal shelter also suffered structural damage.

In addition, according to Shell spokesperson Curtis Smith, Shell Chemicals’ location in nearby Deer Park was reported to be burning off natural gas. This occurred after severe weather made it lose steam.

“We are taking steps to minimize any noise, light, or smoke associated with this activity, though it’s expected to continue until the units are restarted,” Smith said.

He added: “There is no threat to the community, nor are there any indications a nearby tornado touched down within the Chemicals facility.”

Later, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott issued a disaster declaration Thursday for towns in Southeast Texas impacted by the weather.