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Heavy Snow To Hit the Northeast Hard This Weekend

by Suzanne Halliburton
Hyoung Chang/The Denver Post

If you live in the Northeast, maybe it’s best to snuggle on the couch and chill this weekend. It’s truly going to be chilly, and blustery, Plus, there could be so much snow.

Remember that massive storm that brought severe storms to the south and snow to northern states this week? It’s morphing into a nor’easter. So there will be heavy winds and lots of snow as the storm rolls into New York and the New England region. More than 5 million people could be impacted. Parts of New York may experience a foot of snow, with the freezing stuff falling at up to two inches an hour.

Fortunately, the storm is unfolding the weekend before the nation’s airports turn into cauldrons of chaos.

But as this weekend approached, New York state residents received a warning message from the governor. “We urge everyone in the impacted regions to avoid unnecessary travel tonight and tomorrow,” Gov Kathy Hochul said in her message for Friday, then the weekend.

“Work from home if possible, stay off the roads, and make sure you and your loved ones remain vigilant.”

And the forecast gets worse as the storm moves Northeast. Sections of Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine and eastern New York are in store for 18 to 24 inches of snow. Layer on the winds, and experts also are predicting power outages.

Nor’easters basically are named for the part of the country where they happen. We’ll go to the National Weather Service for a definition. During the winter months, the polar jet stream brings freezing Arctic air southward, ushering it into the plains of Canada and the United States. Then this artic blast makes a northeastern turn. And there’s another part of the weather equation. Moist, warmer air moves up from the Gulf of Mexico or the Atlantic Ocean. When it collides with the chillier air, it gives the storm enough energy to make for an intense Nor’easter.

The warmer air down south helped fuel a tornado outbreak earlier this week. The funnels killed three people in Louisiana. Tornadoes also touched down in Mississippi, Florida, Texas, Alabama, Georgia and Oklahoma, Meanwhile, there were blizzard warnings throughout Colorado, Wyoming, Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Minnesota and Wisconsin.

Then other sections of the country experienced another nasty weather event. We’re not talking snow, but ice. There were reports of a quarter-inch of ice in West Virginia and Maryland. Parts of Virginia indicated build ups of a tenth of an inch of ice.

The moisture won’t all freeze. The weather service said that New York City and Boston could experience up to two inches of rain (not snow). So as we said, if you live in these areas, this weekend might be best spent on the couch.