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Here’s How Many Tornadoes Were Reported in the Southeast the Other Night

by Emily Morgan
Photo by: Cultura RM Exclusive/Jason Persoff Stormdoctor

A string of deadly tornados recently ravaged parts of the South, leaving areas in disarray and destruction. According to reports, at least 35 twisters touched down in states such as Alabama, Louisiana, and Mississippi late Tuesday night and early Wednesday.

Tragically, the storm claimed the lives of two people early Wednesday morning in Alabama’s Flatwood community in Montgomery.

According to The Montgomery City-County Emergency Management Agency, multiple people suffered injuries during the storm. The tornadoes ripped trees from their roots and tore apart homes and businesses.

“We don’t have an exact number, and I do not want to give out incorrect information,” said Christina Thornton, director of the Montgomery City-County EMA following the storm. “But there are minor, moderate (injuries) and the two fatalities that we have suffered in our community at this time.”

Later, the National Weather Service classified the tornado in Montgomery as an EF-2, which officials believe brought estimated winds of 115 mph. Across state lines in Louisiana, four people suffered significant injuries in Caldwell Parish during one tornado.

Before the tornados made landfall, meteorologists announced dozens of tornado warnings earlier on Tuesday afternoon. At the time, as supercells increased and moved into the South.

Dozens of Tornado Warnings were issued from Tuesday afternoon into Wednesday morning as supercells energized and rolled through the South.

Officials surveying damage as communities rebuild following deadly string of tornadoes

As of Wednesday evening, NWS officials reported at least 35 reports of tornadoes from Louisiana to Mississippi and Alabama. Now, NWS officials are conducting storm surveys across the region to determine the exact number of tornadoes from the outbreak.

So far, weather officials have determined an EF-1 tornado struck Eutaw, Alabama, resulting in significant damage to an apartment complex.

In addition, the NWS office in Jackson, Mississippi, reported a massive “wedge” tornado with multiple fallen trees in the area. Over in Bywy, Mississippi, a twister appeared just after 5:00 p.m. on Tuesday.

“We’re seeing trees down all throughout that area. Homes are seeing severe damage; there was a camper flipped completely on its roof,” Sgt. Dillon Cates with the Choctaw County, Mississippi, Sheriff’s Office said.

“There was a house in the Sherwood community that the roof was actually lifted off of the house, twisted 180 degrees, and dropped back down on the home.”

At least two houses were significantly damaged in southern Lawrence County, Mississippi. Meteorologists later confirmed an EF-1 twister appeared.

“We had a tornado touch down approximately for about a mile … and probably about a quarter-mile wide,” Lawrence County Fire Coordinator Donnie Weeks said. “We had two brick homes that suffered significant roof damage; a couple livestock farms were completely destroyed.”

The NWS later confirmed the strongest of the tornadoes was an EF-3. It struck southern Mississippi and Alabama during the late night hours. Winds were estimated to be at 140 mph when the twister tore through heavy-treed areas.