Huge Shipping Container Floats Past Australian Pub Amid Catastrophic Flooding in Viral Video

by Megan Molseed
(Getty Images/ BeyondImages)

A wild video is going viral as a wayward shipping container is seen floating by Australian businesses, including a pub, amid devastating flooding. The flooding comes after severe weather events dumped nearly 4 inches of rain in the Molong and Eugowra areas of Australia. Multiple flood warnings are continuing throughout the area.

The dramatic nighttime clip was taken from the balcony of a nearby hotel. The video gets extra shocking when we look closer. As the shipping container sails by in the fast-moving flood waters, we see that it’s flying past multiple submerged buildings. Many contain businesses that are facing flood-related devastation.

The shocking video depicting the severity of the recent Australian flooding continues as the person recording the video remains across the road at the area’s Freemason Hotel. We see the shipping container is just one of the huge items careening through the floodwaters.

Thousands Remain Stranded As Massive Australian Storms Leads To Catastrophic Flooding

There are thousands of people who remain strained within Australia’s South Wales district. This comes after these historic Australian floods swept through the region early this week. Areas along the Lachlan River have seen multiple inches of water continue to flow into homes and businesses. Especially after the rains began spilling over the Wyangala Dam early Monday morning.

Waters will be hitting an unprecedented high later this week. All of this comes after 4.5 inches of rain fell in the region in a 24-hour period. Leading to this devastating Australian flooding.

Emergency Crews Report Hundreds of Calls For Help in Just 24 Hours

According to reports from the Australian Emergency services in the New South Wales area, they have received hundreds of calls. Most are reporting emergencies regarding flooding concerns. Among the 500 calls, the officials have so far received, over 100 of them involved reducing stranded homeowners from the roofs of flooded homes.

Australian search and rescue officials are responding to calls from residents as fast as they can. Many of the rescuers responding to the emergencies related to the massive flooding have been sending in a variety of rescue vehicles. Primarily rescue helicopters to help pluck the stranded homeowners off their roofs and toward safer, drier land.

This area is, unfortunately, expecting more rain to come in throughout the rest of the week. As well as into the upcoming weekend. Australia’s Bureau of Meteorology notes that the New South Wales area will be getting the bulk of the upcoming system. Adding to the already disastrous concerns that have emerged since the flooding began on Monday morning.