Hurricane Roslyn to Cause Heavy Rains in Texas, Southern States: What to Know

by Samantha Whidden
(Photo by ALFREDO ESTRELLA/AFP via Getty Images)

Although Hurricane Roslyn will no longer be a trackable entity soon, remnants of the storm will be moving from the Pacific to slam Texas and other southern states with heavy rain and other severe weather this upcoming week. 

According to Fox Weather, Hurricane Roslyn’s first rains will kick off on Monday (October 24th) in Texas and the southern Plains before it moves eastward into the Mississippi Valley. Severe weather will then threaten the areas impacted by the storm on Tuesday (October 25th). This may likely cause both damaging winds and tornado threats. 

Meanwhile, Fox Weather reported it will be monitoring threats of heavy rainfall and flash flooding. It is noted that a widespread area of 1-2” of rain could total up to 6″. The storms are predicted in Arkansas, Louisiana, and Texas. Fox Weather metrologist, Kiyana Lewis, stated, “It’s quite possible along I-35 from Waco all the way down towards Corpus Christi and west of Houston that possibility of severe weather will exist.” 

Severe weather from Hurricane Roslyn’s remnants is expected to stretch from southern Kentucky and Missouri to Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama. 

According to BBC, Roslyn has been classified as a Category 3 hurricane. It made shore in Nayarit state, which is in western Mexico. It has maximum winds of 120mph. Although it is going to weaken over land, officials in the areas are now warning of damages. This includes destructive waves, landslides, and flooding. 

More than a dozen municipalities in Nayarit and neighboring Jalisco state have set up emergency shelters. This is for those who have been evacuated from areas impacted by Hurricane Roslyn. 

The US National Hurricane Center declared: “Roslyn is expected to produce a life-threatening storm surge with significant coastal flooding. Near the coast, the surge will be accompanied by large and destructive waves.”

Nayarit Officials Prepare As Hurricane Roslyn Makes Landfall in Mexico 

Aljazeera reports that the Head of Nayarit’s Civil Defense Office, Pedro Nunez, has spoken out about how the city is planning to protect residents during Hurricane Roslyn’s impact in the area.  “Right now we are carrying out patrols through the towns to alert people so that they can keep their possessions safe,” he stated. “And keep themselves safe in safer areas.” 

Victor Hugo Roldan, Director of Civil Protection in Jalisco state, also shared details about the state’s Hurricane Rosyln preparation. He noted that several hundred people have been evacuated from the town of La Huerta. The town is close to the path of the storm. Instead of going to shelters, the majority of evacuees went to relative homes, he noted. 

Meanwhile, the National Water Commission sent out an alert warning that Hurricane Roslyn may cause mudslides. A dangerous storm surge along the coast is predicted to bring in four to six inches of ran.