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Insane Number of Lightning Strikes Batter Australia in Wild Storm

by Megan Molseed
(Getty Images/ Maksym Isachenko)

A wild storm hit the Sydney area in Australia earlier this week with an insane number of lightning strikes lighting up the sky as the weather unleashed chaos in the area. According to reports, more than 30,000 lightning strikes lit up the Sydney skies between 3 p.m. Monday and midnight.

This most recent rainfall lead to amounts in the area that measure nearly twice the long-term rainfall average for the area. This annual rainfall record amount was set over 70 years ago in 1950, per 9 News.

“Showers and thunderstorms formed over central and eastern NSW (New South Wales) on Monday afternoon and evening,” notes a report made by the Weatherzone officials.

“As a passing cold front and low-pressure trough cut into a region of warmer and relatively moist air,” the weather update continues. According to the weather experts, the first storm swept through the area in the afternoon on Monday. Shortly after this, another storm cell flew in clipping the southern area of the city. Then, a much more active line of storms passed over Sydney, Australia between 7:30 pm and 9:30 pm, the officials report.

“Monday’s early-summer thunderstorms delivered around 5 to 10mm of rain across the Sydney Basin,” the Weatherzone update says. “With 6.6mm falling at Observatory Hill in the city.”

As many as 34,027 lightning strikes were detected in the area as the storms swept through. Many hit within miles of the Australian city.

Sydney Forecasters Note The Area Will Remain Dry Through The Rest Of The Week

Area officials are predicting that Sydney will remain dry through the rest of the upcoming week. However, experts note that there is a small chance of showers and thunderstorms by midweek. And, the weather reports predict more massive rainfalls to sweep through early next week.

The unprecedented amount of lightning strikes also led to the mid-concert cancelation of a Jack Johnson concert at the Sydney Opera House. The massive amounts of lighting hitting the area were creating a dangerous situation.

“Hope you guys had a great time until right now,” the US singer tells the croup as the show came to an unscheduled close.

“I’m so sorry,” the Upside Down singer continues. Additionally, the Australian soccer team, the Socceroos faced several flight issues trying to get home from Qatar as the storm passed over the area airport. These storms included what experts described as”ominous shelf clouds” and “waves of rain.”