Jaw-Dropping Photo Compilation Shows Intense Lightning Storm Over the Course of 40 Minutes

by Shelby Scott
(Photo by Patrick Pleul/picture alliance via Getty Images)

According to a July news report, our chances of being struck by lightning prove much higher than being bitten by a shark—whether you believe it or not. And if the statistics—which state humans have a 1 in 3.7 million chance of dying via shark attack versus a 1 in 1.2 million chance of death by lightning—are not enough proof, then perhaps the following photo compilation of an insane lightning storm over Malaysia will prove the point.

Newsweek reports that landscape photographer Fendy Gan capture the above photo, a “stacked” image that consists of 32 individual shots taken over the course of 40 minutes. Speaking about the jaw-dropping photo of the lightning storm, Gan said, “I just set my camera on interval shooting and merged the results with Photoshop.”

Per the outlet, the lightning storm captured within the image took place over the city of Kuala Lampur in Malaysia. Of the storm itself, the photographer continued, “We get plenty of lightning most of the year. But this particular storm was extra special because of how clear the sky was and how frequent the strikes were.”

Malaysia is an ideal place for a landscape photographer, especially one inspired by extreme natural events such as lightning storms. We’ve certainly seen some intense weather events here in the U.S. However, Malaysia is one of the most lightning-prone countries in the world. And the Klang Valley, where the picture was taken, especially so.

“I believe Klang Valley has some of the highest lightning strike frequencies in the world,” Gan said.

The only regions on the planet that see more lightning storms than Malaysia are Central Africa and northwestern South America. Satellite observations from NASA show that lightning strikes are more likely to occur over land rather than the sea. And they occur even more frequently near the equator.

California Lightning Storm Completely Stuns

We might not see such impressive lightning storms here in the States, but last year, California saw some intense strikes that completely lit up the sky. People across the state shared photos and videos of the insane event all over social media. Below are some of our personal favorite grabs.

Photographer Fendy Gan’s photo is no doubt impressive. But one Californian captured the moment a lightning bolt, rather than touching down near the city, zig-zagged across the sky. A year later, we’re still mesmerized.

Another southern California resident managed to capture the memorable lightning storm in a video that sees the blots flashing above the city. The way the flashes brighten the night sky proves Mother Nature’s might as well as our insignificance compared to the power of our planet.