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K-9 Officer Rescues His Dog From Tornado Ripping Through Texas

by Brett Stayton
Police Dog Takes A Nap
Photo by Vedrana Sucic/Getty Images

The bonds people develop with their dogs are indeed one of the most remarkable things on Earth. It’s always awesome to see the love and dedication that dogs unconditionally show their human companions reciprocated by those people. The relationship that people develop with service and working dogs is even more special. K-9 officers have a particularly special bond with their dogs. Their job sometimes puts them in precarious situations or requires them to put their lives on the line together. A police officer in Texas was recently caught on camera braving a threatening tornado to ensure the safety of his dog. It’s awesome.

As the storm rocked the region, a police officer rushed out into the parking lot where his dog was in his service vehicle. Throttling winds and pounding rain can be seen disrupting the parking lot in the Surveillance Video. The man braved the storm to get his dog out of the car and bring it to safety. Video footage was recently reshared by The Weather Channel while News 4 San Antonio shared the story.

It’s an intense video. One officer can be seen ducking for cover while another rushes to the patrol vehicle. Some of the fencing near the building can be seen being shredded by the windy conditions.

Severe Tornado Tore Through Houston Area Last Tuesday

A fairly severe tornado ripped through Southeast Texas back on Tuesday. The twister graded out at an F-3 score and left an 18-mile path of destruction in its wake. Homes, schools, and businesses were all destroyed by the funnel cloud. Cleanup crews are currently working to rebuild the affected areas and repair infrastructure. The area that the storm plowed through is located about 25 miles outside of Houston. About 83,000 Texas customers were without power Tuesday evening, mainly in Houston and surrounding communities. The good news is that no significant injuries were reported.

Research Shows People Are More Empathetic Towards Dogs Than Fellow Humans

The man in the video risking his own safety to help the dog makes more sense when you realize people really do love dogs more than they love other people. According to Business Insider, research published in the Journal of Society and Animals shows people are actually more empathetic towards dogs than fellow humans.

The scientific findings were determined through a research project in which people were presented with fake newspaper clippings about either a fake attack on a person or a fake attack on a dog. In each instance, the victim was said to be attacked with a baseball bat by an unknown assailant. Injuries include being beaten unconscious, a broken leg, and multiple lacerations. After assessing the outcomes of the research, it was determined that people genuinely exhibited higher levels of distress and concern for the dogs than their fellow humans in most instances.