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Life-Threatening Cold Wind Chills To Hit Across the U.S. As Polar Air Moves In

by Emily Morgan
Photo by: Spencer Platt / Staff

New reports reveal that millions of Americans are about to get blasted with icy wind, freezing temperatures, and intense snow. According to meteorologists, the surge in winds is currently heading across the northern Rockies. It’s also moving towards the central and northern Plains and Upper Midwest area. In addition, temps are set to plummet well below zero with wind chills dropping minus 50 to minus 60 degrees in some areas by the end of the week.

Then, bitter cold temperatures will eventually head south into the Gulf Coast region. However, by the weekend, life-threatening temps will hit the Great Lakes and Northeast regions of the country. As a result, officials are urging people to prepare for blizzard conditions and massive power outages,

“High pressure parked over the Northwest Territories of Canada right now scoops up that cold air from the poles in the Arctic and then pushes it all the way down and into the northern Rockies, Dakotas, and Upper Midwest,” said FOX Weather Meteorologist Steve Bender. “A developing low-pressure center over the Great Lakes will then tap into that arctic air and accelerate it down into the southern Plains.”

Before, the icy arctic blast began over the weekend in Canada. Once near Montana, temperatures plunged to minus 20 or colder. On Tuesday, meteorologists reported temperatures in Fargo, North Dakota, at minus 23 with a wind chill of minus 39.

Currently, wind chill warnings are in place for much of Montana, North and South Dakota, and Nebraska. Southwestern Minnesota and northeastern Wyoming also have warnings issued.

America’s heartlands set to be pummeled with icy winds and freezing temperatures

In the northern Plains, predicted highs for Tuesday were near or below zero across Montana, Minnesota, South Dakota, and North Dakota. On Saturday night, Bismarck, North Dakota, fell below zero. At this time, it’s not expected to reach zero anymore this week.

On Wednesday, residents will see temperatures go below freezing across much of the Midwest, even reaching Texas.

In the northern Plains, glacial temperatures will be near minus 15 to minus 20 or colder. Beyond freezing temperatures, people will also need to be prepared for snowfall and gusty winds. Major snowfall and winds will hit areas as far south as Oklahoma and as far east as Michigan. Experts say winds will blow from 30 to 55 mph, making driving conditions dangerous for millions of Americans.

On Thursday morning, meteorologists predicted that much of America’s midwest is at peak wintery conditions. At the same time, massive snowfall will hit the Great Lakes region.

According to the FOX Forecast Center, early temperatures will be as cold as minus 28 in Wyoming. In Billings, Montana, residents are likely to see minus 23— a new state record.