LOOK: Lightning Appears to Collide With Rainbow in Incredible Moment Caught on Camera

by Megan Molseed
(Getty Images)

A well-timed snapshot can capture a moment just perfectly. Stopping time for less than a second in an instant. Bringing to life images that occur too fast for the average eye to see.

A recent viral photo shows us exactly one of these moments. It’s the perfect example of these brief – almost unnoticeable – points in time brought to life as two extreme products of stormy weather combine perfectly. Colliding one of nature’s most electrifying moments with the beauty that often appears in the aftermath of a storm.

Viral Video Captures The Split Second A Lightning Strike Collides With An Incredible Rainbow

It’s a pic that forever immortalizes the split second that saw two of nature’s most awe-inspiring events collide with one another. It’s just a brief moment in time, sure. However, this split-second snapshot creates an unbelievable image that is sure to take your breath away.

The recent Nature is Lit Twitter post gives us a glimpse of a very brief split second of time. This comes as a lightning bolt seems to be colliding with a gorgeous rainbow. It’s a moment that the Nature is Lit post describes as a “catastrophic beauty.”

It’s hard to tell where the lightning bolt was traveling when the jaw-dropping photo was snapped. It almost appears as if this rainbow is serving as a dome shield. Bocking what is underneath from this bolt of lighting. The lightning comes down out of the clouds in a way we would expect to see it.

However, this split-second snapshot makes it appear that the bold of lightning changed courses as it came into contact with the rainbow arch. The bolt seems to make contact, turn a sharp 90-degree angle and continue in this direction moving off to the side. Of course, this was likely the natural trajectory of the lightning but the altered course just timed perfectly with the rainbow in this unbelievable pic.

A Shocking Strike Obliterates A Tree In an Unbelievable Video

While this lighting-meets-rainbow pic seems to show the bolt colliding with a rainbow many of us know the real destruction a lightning strike can create. Such as the clip from a security camera showing the exact moment a tree is.

The shocking viral video depicts the moment a tree gets struck by lightning. Obliterating the tree in an almost imperceivable instant.

“A litter of wild toothpicks is born,” jokes the comment included with the shocking moment that was shared recently on the Nature Is Metal Instagram page.

Thankfully, the footage shows an area that seemed to be unpopulated at the time the lightning hit the tree. Furthermore, no injuries have been reported during the terrifying moment.