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Louisiana Woman Recalls Terrifying Moments Tornado Ripped Through Neighborhood

by Samantha Whidden
(Photo by Brandon Bell/Getty Images)

Following the wave of tornadoes that devastated parts of Louisiana, a woman is recalling the terrifying moments when one of the tornadoes ripped through her neighborhood. 

According to FOX Weather, Linda Barry revealed that an EF-2 tornado destroyed her Louisiana neighborhood within a matter of minutes. The tornado produced estimated winds of 130mph. It also managed to decimate homes around Barry’s while she was huddled under a mattress with her fiancé. She revealed that she was reciting the Lord’s Prayer for comfort during the storm. 

“There’s no reason that me and my fiancé are still here except for God,” the Louisiana resident explained. “It was like God laid over top of us.” 

Prior to the tornado hitting at 4:49 p.m. Barry said she was staring out her kitchen window and saw a funnel cloud of debris traveling through the wooded area near her Louisiana residence. “The fear we felt when we saw and heard it come right at us in our yard,” she continued. “We ran as fast as we could [to the bedroom].” 

Barry further explained that as she and her fiancé emerged from the bedroom, she heard sirens in the distance. She said that to her, it was like God reassuring her that everything is going to be ok. That was when we began hearing neighbors pleading for help. “They were screaming so loud,” she continued. “It was the screams. I think it was worse when they stopped screaming.” 

The Louisiana resident further explained that when she and her fiancé opened the front door, she can’t describe what she saw with her own eyes or what she felt with her heart. The scene was devastating. “It was pretty horrific,” she said. 

Death Toll in Louisiana Increase As Searches for Survivors Continue

Although Barry and her fiancé survived the storm, their Louisiana neighbors were not as fortunate. The Caddo Parish Corners Office confirmed that 30-year-old Yoshiko A. Smith and her 8-year-old son, Nikolus Little, perished during the storm. They both died from blunt force trauma. 

Officials also revealed to FOX Weather that Smith’s husband had gone to the grocery store before the storm. However, when he returned home, the entire house was destroyed. A team of over 100 first responders and volunteers worked throughout the night to search for the mother and child. Their home was found on top of a two-story cabin across the street from Barry’s house. 

The search party eventually discovered the bodies of the mother and son. Nikolus was found in a wooded area behind Barry’s home while Yoshiko was found underneath storm debris. Speaking about the loss, Barry said, “A lot of people lost their homes. We’re not upset about the loss of anything materialistic. I think we as a community are grieving the loss of our neighbor, her son, and her family.”