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Major Storm Rocks California, Bringing Flooding and Landslides

by Megan Molseed
California storm flooding and landslides
(Photo by David Ryder/Getty Images)

Landslides and flooding are closing roadways all across California as heavy rains hit the state. Additionally, more downpours, flooding, and mudslides are expected this weekend. All as the inclement weather over the state continues to bring storms into the new year.

A series of massive storms are poised to pass over California over the next few days, per ABC News. These storms are predicted to cause further flooding issues throughout the state. It will also lead to mudslides, some of which have already led to several road closures.

The California storm, which has been described as an atmospheric river storm began sweeping across the northern edges of the state on Friday. The atmospheric river storm is a wide plume of moisture that is pulled in by the Pacific Ocean, meteorologists have said. The National Weather Service expects this system to bring in more heavy rains through Saturday.

Additionally, the National Weather Service has issued winter storm warnings through Sunday in the state’s upper elevations. These areas include parts of the Sierra region from Yosemite National Park to the northern areas of Lake Tahoe. Weather experts expect as much as five feet of snow to accumulate in the mountain areas.

Officials Warn Residents To Prepare For Further Flooding As The Weekend Continues

Officials are warning residents that a flood watch will continue to be in effect through New Year’s Eve. Warnings of rivers and streams overflowing have prompted preparations across the state. Residents in the high-flood areas are urged to prepare sandbags to prevent damage as the waters begin to crest. Major landslides have already led to closures along the San Francisco Bay Area between Freemont and Sunol. Areas in California’s Mendocino County have also been hit hard by these systems.

Strong Winds Lead To Avalanche Warnings And High Waves Around The Lake Tahoe Region

According to the National Weather Service, severely strong winds could lead to tree damage, high waves, and even power outages in the Lake Tahoe region. Additionally, officials note, these conditions are strong enough to “capsize small vessels.”

The backcountry areas around Lake Tahoe and Mammoth Lakes south of Yosemite are facing avalanche warnings as these systems continue to move through the area.

These winter storm warnings are predicted to continue through the early morning hours on Sunday in many of these areas. The areas expecting snow could see multiple feet of accumulation and winds are expected to reach around 100 miles per hour in some areas.