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Mother and Son Killed After Major Blizzard and Devastating Tornadoes Slam the South

by Shelby Scott
(Photo by Creative Touch Imaging Ltd./NurPhoto)

Extreme winter weather wrought devastation on multiple regions across the Great Plains Wednesday morning after several Southern states were impacted by severe weather hours prior. A massive blizzard is preparing to blanket the Upper Midwest in the coming days, essentially bringing travel to a halt. The storm comes after multiple tornadoes made their way across states including Louisiana and Texas. Sadly, officials in the former have confirmed at least two deaths following the extreme weather.

CBS News reports a mother and son were killed overnight when a tornado touched down in the Pecan farms area of Keithville, LA. Keithville is located in Caddo Parish in the northwestern region of the state. As the tornado subsided, officials located the mother’s body a block from their now-destroyed home. The boy was found in a wooded area nearby.

In addition to multiple fatalities, the news outlet states a man and a woman were hospitalized after the tornadoes passed. To the east, Detective Cade Nolan states at least 25 people from Farmerville, LA were injured. Two of those individuals were reportedly critically injured after another tornado ripped through the area. Cade, standing next to an overturned SUV at the time, said the tornadoes that struck the region overnight left behind the “most damage I’ve ever seen in 17 years in this (Union) parish.”

Footage captures the extent of the damage following Tuesday’s severe weather.

Posted online around 3 a.m. Wednesday, one of Farmerville’s local news outlets captured footage of shredded homes. It also takes in demolished vehicles, and, overall, what promises to be weeks’—if not months’—worth of cleanup.

5 Tornadoes Confirmed Across Texas

Louisiana wasn’t the only state to endure extremely late-season tornadoes Tuesday into Wednesday. Though there have been no fatalities reported in Texas, communities across the state saw equal damage. Experts confirmed five tornadoes across north Texas on Tuesday afternoon, though there could have potentially been 12 in total. Search crews began looking for victims soon after the severe weather dissipated.

As is the case in LA, homes and businesses across the Lonestar State suffered significant damage. Several people also sustained injuries. The thunderstorms that preceded the tornadoes wreaked havoc on flights into and out of the state. The outlet states more than 1,000 flights into and out of the Dallas-Fort Worth area became delayed and over 100 were canceled.

In a Dallas suburb, a potential tornado blew the roof off a city service center, with pieces of it left tangled among downed powerlines.

Unfortunately, as rescue and recovery operations begin, the severe weather has hardly begun. After completely devastating the Southern states, forecasters predict the storm system that impacted TX, LA, and the Great Plains will continue to make its way east.

The severe weather threat looms over states like LA, Mississippi, Alabama, and the Florida panhandle on Wednesday. Farther north, states including Montana, Nebraska, and Colorado face blizzard warnings, with meteorologists expecting to see as much as two feet of snow in parts of South Dakota and Nebraska.

Later in the week, the storm system will continue to push east, with weather experts already issuing warnings to Outsiders spanning the coast, from West Virginia to Vermont. Eastern states could potentially see a wintery mix of weather conditions, including snow, ice, and sleet.