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New Record-Breaking Gigantic Rogue Wave Was Just Confirmed

by Brett Stayton
Photo by Anadoluo Agency/Getty Images

Canada is known for a lot of things. Hockey, fishing, Shania Twain, Drake, politeness, tons of snow, cold weather, Wayne Gretsky, Tim Horton’s donuts, terrible gun laws, incredible National Parks, wild scenery, and big game hunting adventures. Canada is not typically known for its big waves though. That’s a credential usually reserved for places like California, Hawaii, and Australia. Canada can now claim the largest rogue wave in recorded history though.

The wave rolled through the coast of British Columbia back in 2020. However, an in-depth comparative analysis of all rogue waves ever recorded was just recently published. The research paper confirms that the 57-foot wave is the largest one in history. The wave was reported more than 4 miles offshore.

Rogue waves remain a bit of a scientific mystery. Their origins are generally unknown and they erupt unpredictably. They are typically a singular wave more than double the size of rippling water nearby and often roll through in the opposite direction. Anecdotal evidence of gigantic waves moving against the current of the ocean has existed for centuries. Not until 1995 though was a rogue wave actually recorded through scientific research. The company that develops the sensors used to monitor the ocean for rogue waves indicates that the British Columbia wave from 2020 was a once-in-a-millennium wave.

The buoy that picked up the wave was placed offshore along with dozens of others by a research institute called MarineLabs as part of a study to learn more about wave conditions out in the deep and unknown sea.

We are aiming to improve safety and decision-making for marine operations and coastal communities through widespread measurement of the world’s coastlines,” said MarineLabs CEO Scott Beatty.

Absolutely Wild Video Shows Rogue Wave Rolling Into Miami Beach

South Point Park in Miami Beach was left destroyed as a huge rogue wave rolled through. It knocked down bridges and even swept away several beachgoers. The video was shared by the notable account Nature Is Metal.

Rogue waves are also known as sneaker waves, because of their propensity to appear from seemingly nowhere. Speculation for their causation includes a variety of factors, like storm conditions, water currents, and the geography of the coastline.

Miami Beach Ocean Rescue units jumped into the water to save people who had fallen in. Some people were pushed into nearby rocks. One surfer explained that the rescues were not easy. “The current is pulling out; there was no way to swim in,” the surfer said. “The lifeguard really saved me and got hurt in the process, he did, and I really appreciate it, man.”