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Parts of the U.S. are About to Get Pounded by Tornadoes and Snow: Details

by Megan Molseed
(Getty Images/ gremlin)

Severe storms are sweeping across the country bringing a wide range of weather activity across the U.S. These storms will be pounding parts of the country with heavy snowfalls, massive rainfall, and even intense tornado activity. These weather conditions are created by a massive cold front that is moving across the U.S. throughout the week. The cold front is starting in the Western regions of the country and pushing south, weather experts note.

Low Pressure Will Form Along The Cold Front Creating Some Major Weather Events

Beginning early Tuesday, a large cold front will be pushing from the west into the southern areas of the country. The National Weather Service notes that a low-pressure system will form alongside this front. This will bring the potential for large storms including excessive rainfall in regions along lower to mid-Mississippi River Valley areas.

“A cold front will push across the Western U.S. into Tuesday with areas of snow and gusty winds,” notes a recent Tweet from the National Weather Service warning of the dangerous conditions.

“Low pressure will form along this front on Tuesday,” the post continues noting that this will be bringing with it snow as well as the “potential for severe thunderstorms with tornadoes and excessive rainfall in the lower to mid-Mississippi River Valley.”

“Strong And Long-Lived” Tornadoes Will Be Present Along With Heavy Snow

As these fronts move across the U.S. several regions can expect heavy rainfall along with the possibility of “strong and long-lived” tornadoes. Areas that will be most affected by these conditions include Louisiana, Arkansas, and Mississippi. The Memphis and Nashville areas in Tennessee will also be affected by this front.

Parts of the Northwest region of the country can expect heavy snowfalls as high as two feet. A winter storm watch is in effect for Spokane Washington late Tuesday into early Wednesday morning. This cross-country storm will also bring heavy snowfalls into Nebraska and Michigan. As many as eighteen states across the country are on storm alerts. All are due to the expected strong winds and tornadoes, excessive rainfalls, and predicted snowfall.