Plane Flies Through Extreme Storm, And Videos From Inside the Aircraft Will Have You Ready to Throw-up

by Amy Myers
Photo by Steve Parsons/PA Images via Getty Images

A plane en route to Paraguay encountered a debilitating storm that put the passengers’ safety at risk, and the footage from inside the cabin is worthy of a horror movie.

LATAM Airbus A320 departed from Santiago de Chile last Wednesday and encountered a hail storm that rattled the aircraft, tearing off the nose, destroying the motor and terrorizing the passengers inside.

According to the General Directorate of Civil Aeronautics of Chile, despite the storm and detrimental damage, the plane managed to make an emergency landing at around 11 p.m. local time, “due to extreme and unforeseen weather conditions.”

“The plane miraculously landed without a motor and extreme damage to its windshield,” American TV meteorologist Joel Young reported. A total of 48 people were on the nightmare flight.

Still, the videos that surfaced afterward were nothing short of chilling.

Feel free to take a look, but if you’re even a little bit aerophobic, you might want to skip ahead.

“Both passengers and crew are in good condition,” LATAM Airlines Paraguay said in a statement.

Plane Passengers Recall What It Felt Like to Fly Through the Storm

Naturally, the passengers behind the videos were furious with how little they believed the pilots cared about their safety.

“These from Latam are killers,” one person wrote. “We almost went down trying to land at ASU in the middle of a brutal storm, they divert the flight to Foz, and then they put us back in the same f… storm to get to ASU at any cost. It’s criminal how they play with people’s lives.”

“We felt as if the plane was falling,” another passenger said after the storm. “When we were going to go to Asunción, we all felt that we were going to die, people began to cry and due to gravity we hit our heads on the seats.”

Several media outlets reported that aerial authorities may have even warned the pilots of the impending storm prior to embarking on the plane. Not to mention, weather radars clearly demonstrated that Asunción was right in the middle of the chaos.

Unfortunately, even after these folks recover from any whiplash or other injuries, the emotional trauma of the storm may very well remain.

“The experience was very traumatic,” the second passenger continued. “It’s a situation that I don’t wish on anyone.”

If the passengers’ claims are true and the pilots did intentionally re-enter the storm, there could be some serious charges coming their way. In fact, Paraguay’s aviation body has already launched an investigation into the matter.

“This issue is under investigation, both on the DINAC side and on the side of the airline,” the head of the authority, Felix Kanasawa, said.