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Polar Vortex Set To Bring Brutally Cold Weather To Middle America

by Samantha Whidden
(Photo by Scott Eisen/Getty Images)

A polar vortex is reportedly set to bring another severe-cold weather outbreak to Middle America later this week. The harsh weather will be kicking off on Monday (December 5th).

According to the Weather Network, a part of the polar vortex will be branching off and heading south across the Prairies on Monday. The Environment and Climate Change Canada (ECC) has also issued multiple extreme cold warnings for parts of Saskatchewan and Manitoba and meteorologists are expected extreme warnings to be issued for parts of Alberta as the vortex heads southwest.

It was further reported that the polar vortex will bring high temperatures to the mid-20s across the region. Low temperatures could come down into the minus-30s. Wind chills are also expected to be extremely cold and could make hazardous conditions. It was noted that by Tuesday (December 6th), Calgary will be -20°C with a wind chill of -29.  However, by Wednesday, what is described as a fast-moving upper ridge from British Columbia will warm Alberta by more than 20 degrees. This weather phenomenon will bring an end to the severe cold weather.

Prior to the polar vortex, Alberta was slammed with an extreme cold over the weekend. Tiffany Lizée, Global News Calgary’s chief meteorologist, reported, “Today will be another cold day with temperatures well below seasonal and similar to what we’ve been experiencing all week long.”

Polar Vortex Cold Temperatures Could Cause Health Issues in Some

ECCC did state that the wind chill was to become moderate in the afternoon. However, extreme cold conditions would return overnight in some of the regions. There is some relief on the way this weekend for Calgary,” Lizée explained. “With more seasonal temperatures on Saturday and Sunday.”

The extreme cold warnings are issued when very cold temperatures or wind chill create an elevated risk to health. This includes frostbite and hypothermia. Those that could experience health risks due to the cold temperates are young children, older adults, people with chronic illness, people working or exercising outdoors, and those who do not have proper shelter. 

AcuRite also reported that while the polar vortex is not considered dangerous, the extended periods of extreme cold may be dangerous if people are not prepared. This means winterizing homes and preparing vehicles for extremely cold temperatures. This means checking tires and keeping the gas tank near full. It’s also important to monitor weather conditions and avoid hazardous conditions. 

If stranded in the cold, it’s important to wrap the body entirely and to stay away. If stranded in a vehicle, it is advised to run the motor and heater for about 10 minutes per hour. One window should also be cracked slightly for air. Move arms and legs to increase circulation and body heat as well.