Raining Mud: Here’s Why Minnesota Is Experiencing Strange Weather

by Samantha Whidden
(Photo by AHMAD GHARABLI/AFP via Getty Images)

Minnesota residents had quite an interesting morning on Monday (October 24th) when they woke up to weird weather – raining mud. 

The University of Wisconsin-Madison’s NOAA Cooperative Institute for Meteorological Satellite Studies reported that the reason why Minnesota was experiencing raining mud was due to dust from ongoing drought southwest of the state getting picked up by strong winds ahead of a cold front. 

Fox Weather further reported that the dust became raining mud as it mixed with a bit of rain that fell overnight. The mud was then caked onto people’s vehicles and homes across the state. Bring Me The News meteorologist Sven Sundgaard then explained the raining mud phenomenon.

“This is dust that came all the way from Oklahoma, Kansas, Nebraska,” Sundgaar explained. “[It] migrated up with the storm system overnight, and the few showers and thunderstorms that we did see actually helped push that dust to the ground with just a little bit of moisture. We barely saw any measurable rainfall in the Twin Cities, just enough to make that cake-like coating.” 

Meanwhile, MPR News reports that some parts of Nebraska saw about half an inch of rain late Sunday into early Monday. However, it was noted that the rainfall was “spotty” and was not enough to help relieve the drought conditions. It was further revealed that Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport is now nearly 10 inches below normal precipitation for the year. It has also seen just four-tenths of an inch since September 1st. 

Minnesota residents had a few thoughts about the strange weather. “Wondering where that dust came from on your car? The very few showers we had basically created pancake batter with this only…” one person tweeted. Another person went on to tweet, “It’s raining mud, hallelujah! (Doesn’t have the same ring). 

Nebraska Experienced “Muddy Rain” Weather in 2021 

n March 2021, KETV reported that the National Weather Service Omaha announced there had been reports of “muddy rain” in parts of Nebraska. The reports were mainly from Fairbury, Crete, and Lincoln at the time. 

“Some have even noted that it has been a bit of an orange/red tint like soils of Oklahoma or Texas,” The agency explained. Satellite data days prior showed that a massive storm system had kicked up a huge area of blowing dust. This then moved over eastern Nebraska as well as western Iowa. 

“Now today the light rain and drizzle is combining with the dust in the air to deposit a sort of muddy rain around the region,” the National Weather Service continued. 

“Climate deniers say changing weather patterns are normal,” one Twitter user declared at the time. “Today, it was raining mud in Nebraska. Wet pieces of earth fell from the sky. Maybe farmers were happy.”