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Rare December Tropical Disturbance Appears in the Atlantic Ocean

by Shelby Scott
(Photo by RICARDO ARDUENGO/AFP via Getty Images)

The official end of hurricane season in the United States is November. However, after a record-breaking month, forecasters are tracking another rare tropical disturbance currently churning over the Atlantic Ocean.

According to The Hill, the disturbance forming over the Atlantic could very well spin into a tropical storm or depression. The National Hurricane Center reports the end-of-season disturbance is a low-pressure system producing “disorganized” showers and thunderstorms. These are located 750 miles northeast of the Leeward Islands near the Caribbean Sea.

Fortunately, however, forecasters are only giving the storm system a 30% chance of becoming a tropical storm or depression in the next two days. They predict a 40% chance of it becoming anything significant within the next five days.

The NHC said in a statement, “Environmental conditions appear conducive for this system to acquire some subtropical characteristics while it drifts northeastward during the next few days.”

The news outlet further said that the storm system should be moving over cooler waters by Thursday or Friday. As such, the chances of the system currently churning over the Atlantic Ocean becoming a tropical cyclone are null. Further, it poses no threat to nearby land masses.

Nevertheless, while weather forecasters aren’t too concerned about serious impacts from the current storm system, other disturbances over the Atlantic Ocean are possible through the end of the month.

Taking a Look at This Hurricane Season Versus Past Seasons:

As stated, the calendar end of hurricane season for the United States and bordering regions typically ends November 30th, with the start of it falling on June 1st. Still, it’s very possible for areas across the southeast and areas bordering the Gulf of Mexico to see tropical disturbances well into December. This past hurricane season, there have been a number of storms to bowl over the Southeastern region of the nation. But how does it compare to previous seasons?

Per the outlet, 2022 saw a total of 14 named storms. Of those 14 storms, eight were declared hurricanes, with major hurricanes, including August’s Hurricane Ian, claiming two from the total.

Still, despite historic devastation this season, 2021 saw an even greater number of named storms. Last year, the U.S. saw 21 total major storms. Should we see another major storm before the end of the month, forecasters will assign it the name, Owen.

WFLA Meteorologist Jeff Berardelli said of the system brewing over the Atlantic Ocean, “Owen is likely this week.” He assured us, “No threat to land. But if so, 2022 will appear as an above average season in the history books.”

That said, this season’s already been historic, with Hurricane Ian the most devastating hurricane to ever impact Florida, and one of the top most devastating to strike the United States.