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Severe Storm Threat Continues in the Southeast Following Outbreak of Deadly Tornadoes

by Shelby Scott
(Photo by Ben Hendren/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images)

Tuesday evening and Wednesday morning brought deadly tornadoes to areas across the South. States most prominently affected include Alabama, Louisiana, and Mississippi. However, while tornado threats have dropped off for much of the Southeast later Wednesday, severe storm threats and poor weather conditions continue to plague the U.S.

According to CNN, golf-ball-sized hail pounded areas across the South on Wednesday as well. The largest hail stones were recorded in specific regions across Mississippi. Aside from deadly tornadoes, weather experts have also recorded tens of thousands of lightning strikes across the U.S. since Tuesday. More are likely to occur as severe storm systems push eastward across the country late Wednesday evening.

Rainfall has also become a serious problem for multiple southern states. Areas of Alabama and Mississippi have seen as much as 4-6 inches in the past 24 hours, prompting flood warnings. Simultaneously heavy rainfall has begun to move northeastward, bringing the height of the storm’s energy closer to Georgia. Parts of North and South Carolina should also see severe weather events. As such, threats are expected to span much of this region through to Thursday morning.

Back toward Florida, heavy winds are expected to potentially churn out further tornadoes. The heaviest rainfall is now expected to soak regions across Tennessee and certain areas spanning the Smokies.

Meanwhile, the Western half of the U.S. should expect to see increased winter weather conditions. Meteorologists are expecting “decent” snowfall in cities like Portland and Seattle. The Midwest should expect a significant drop in temperature. States like Montana, North Dakota, and Minnesota could see temperatures as low as the teens and 20s.

Tornadoes Wreak Havoc Across Alabama, Leave Two Dead

November 30th represents the calendar end of tornado season here in the United States. However, between November 29th and 30th, the Storm Prediction Center received more than two dozen tornado reports across the Southeast. Alabama, Mississippi, and Louisiana endured the brunt of the tornado damage. Still, these cyclical storm events completely ravaged certain areas of Alabama. Officials recorded two fatalities near the state’s capital city Montgomery.

The National Weather Service in Birmingham, Alabama reported tornadoes touched down on Wednesday morning and damaged homes and other buildings in communities in Boyleston near Montgomery, Alabama. An apartment complex in the state’s Greene County was miraculously left standing after a tornado peeled the roof off of the entire building. Video footage shows dozens of people’s homes exposed to the elements.

In other areas, pictures and video footage shows some tornadoes were strong enough to uproot trees and snap trunks, leaving natural debris strewn across the landscape. Farther north in Memphis, first responders were left working through the night directing traffic and responding to collisions as significant rainfall sent multitudes of cars hydroplaning.

People across Mississippi and Louisiana were also encouraged to temporarily shelter in place Tuesday night as other tornadoes tore across both states.