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Some Weird, Potential Hurricane Signals are Going Down in The Atlantic Right Now

by Emily Morgan
Weird Hurricane Things Atlantic Right Now
Photo by: mikolajn

As meteorologists monitor the weather events on the west coast, they’re also shifting their attention to a new storm system brewing off the northeast coast that reportedly has hurricane potential. According to the National Hurricane Center, as of Monday, the storm system was classified as an Invest 90L. They also reported that it was located about 300 mph north of Bermuda. It also had storm-force winds of nearly 60 mph.

In addition, the term “invest” is a naming tool used by the NHC to identify areas forecasters should monitor for potential tropical storm and hurricane development. NHC meteorologists also said that, at this time, the system is not tropical and is migrating into colder waters. As a result, tropical development is highly unlikely at this time.

Despite this, forecasters have issued warnings for areas near the Atlantic that call for seas of nearly 20 feet.

“This is the same system that is bringing ice and snow to parts of Maine today,” said meteorologist Jordan Overton. Although Atlantic hurricane season is from May to November, tropical systems have been known to develop every month of the year.

In addition, it’s rare to see a January hurricane, as only three are recorded in history. The last hurricane to develop during January was Hurricane Alex in 2016. In addition, Hurricane Alice in 1954 developed initially at the end of December of the previous year. However, it was still moving by early January.

Florida officials discover man’s body following Hurricane Ian

The first hurricane on record during January occurred during the first six days of 1938 but wasn’t named. While this storm is set to lose steam before landfall, it contributed to snow battering coastal New England on Sunday and Monday.

At the time, regions of Massachusetts received nearly five inches of snow. Boston, which has had a below-average snowfall this winter, got the most snow they’ve seen so far, with 3.5 inches.

Meanwhile, officials in Florida recently found the body of a Florida man who went missing during Hurricane Ian in September. His body was found on a sunken sailboat.

According to authorities, James “Denny” Hurst was the last known person still missing in Lee County after Ian, a Category 4 hurricane, battered Florida in 2022. The storm took the lives of dozens and left the state decimated.

On Sunday, the Lee County Sheriff’s Office announced that Hurst’s body was found on a sailboat. Divers found him in Matanzas Pass near Fort Myers Beach.

“Missing person James ‘Denny’ Hurst was last known to have been on board during Hurricane Ian,” Sheriff Carmine Marceno wrote in a tweet on Friday, noting that divers were working to recover the sailboat. “We are speaking with his family during these difficult times.”