Southern US States Face Severe Storm Risks as Snow Moves In

by Megan Molseed
(Photo by NOAA/Getty Images)

A strong storm system is ushering in winter weather across the United States that week with some of the southern states expected to see accumulating snowfalls. Additionally, some of these areas expecting marked snowfalls are facing severe storm conditions. Especially as an arctic chill flies in with the accumulations.

Weather experts are tracking a strong storm system that is moving across the plains area of the US. This front, the meteorologist’s note, will be bringing accumulating snowfall to some areas of the country over the next few days. This will be the first accumulating snowfall of the season in most areas.

From Houston to Atlanta, the entire stretch along the southern coast will see at least half an inch of snow accumulation. Some areas could see snow accumulations as high as one inch or even two.

The system is also expected to bring in some chilly arctic air as it sweeps through the area. Delivering temperatures that will fall well-below average in many areas. This storm system will be spreading over the south into the southeast regions early this week. By Tuesday, the front will begin traveling toward the northeast regions following a coastal low through the day on Wednesday. Additionally, the Gulf Coast region of the country will be seeing multiple levels of inclement weather including hail and tornadoes.

The Gulf Coast Regions Will Face Severe Storms Throughout the Week

The Gulf Coast region of the United States is also expecting severe storms as the week progresses. Residents in this area can expect to face heavy rains and large hail. Meteorologists are even predicting a few tornados to come with these fronts.

The southernmost states will be fighting off cold temperatures as the fronts are bringing arctic air to the lower 48 this week. These events are expected to hit areas in the South and Southeast regions through Wednesday.

Furthermore, the famous Santa Ana winds are returning to Southern California early this week. Blowing through the area’s valleys and canyons. Residents in these southern California areas can expect heavy winds as the massive breezes blow through in the next couple of days. Some of these Santa Aana winds will be bringing gusts as high as 70 miles per hour throughout the area.