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Texas & Oklahoma Battered by Tornadoes and Intense Winds, Millions of Americans Affected

by Craig Garrett
Tornado in Cheyenne, Oklahoma - stock photo

A trail of destruction has been left behind in Texas and Oklahoma after tornadoes rolled through the area, causing significant damage. Seventeen states are currently under winter weather warnings. Blizzard conditions have caused 48 inches of snow to accumulate in California. With millions of Americans affected by the storm, power outages are anticipated for Thursday across the central and northern Plains as well as the Upper Midwest. In addition to facing difficult travel conditions, residents in southern states must also be cautious of potential flash flooding and tornadoes.

Gusts of up to 75mph have destroyed homes in Wayne, Oklahoma, Dallas, and Fort Worth, Texas. Three out of the five total severe weather alerts issued today are for those in eastern Texas and along the lower Mississippi river. A tornado devastated Wayne and left dozens of buildings destroyed or damaged. The town is currently without power, The Daily Mail reports.

A tornado that touched down in Grapevine, Texas injured 5 people. The Grapevine Police Department announced that they were rushed to the hospital. They are still awaiting updates on the patient’s condition.

Tornadoes and severe weather hit eastern Texas

Winter storm alerts remain in effect for more than 15 million people across the United States. Of course, many people expect to experience travel disruptions due to the impending snow and freezing rain. Forecasts show the storm rapidly growing stronger as it moves east on Tuesday evening. Unfortunately, this leaves dangerous conditions in its wake that could last through Thursday.

The National Weather Service has issued blizzard warnings for several states. They include North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, Montana, Wyoming, and Colorado. Avalanche warnings are in place across Northern California with the Sierra Nevada Mountain range reporting 5ft of snow. Of course, highways have been forced to close as a result.

Overnight, blizzard conditions intensify in the upper Midwest

According to the Storm Prediction Center, tornadoes, large hail, and damaging straight-line winds are likely to occur in eastern Texas, northern Louisiana, and southwestern Mississippi. Meteorologists caution that blizzard conditions will worsen. Brandon Wills is a meteorologist for the National Weather Service in Cheyenne, Wyoming. He weighed in on the storms, saying “We’re not expecting a quick burst of snowfall here.” Wills warns that the conditions will make for a messy and dangerous situation. “Snow is going to accumulate the highest in the northern Nebraska panhandle. It’s going to be blowing around like crazy because of the strong winds that we’re going to have as well.”

Up to 4 extra inches of rain may fall in Louisiana, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Tennessee, and North Carolina. The U.S. Forest Service issued an avalanche warning for the backcountry in the mountains west of Lake Tahoe, explaining that ‘several feet of new snow and strong winds will result in dangerous avalanche conditions.’ According to the National Weather Service, strong gusts of wind up to 50 mph hit Sonoma County on Saturday, with predictions of even stronger gusts of 100 mph in Sierra ridgetops.