Thanksgiving 2022: See Full Weather Forecast, Potential Storms

by Shelby Scott

Believe it or not, Thanksgiving is just days away. The holiday typically marks the start of a long, busy season full of travel, and as such, we’re covering the weather forecast for much of the nation in the coming week.

According to the New York Post, Wednesday before Thanksgiving promises to be mild. Sunny and mostly sunny skies should span the majority of the Northeast. Further, temperatures also promise to be mild, with New York City seeing highs in the low 50s. Farther south, Norfolk, Virginia should see a high in the upper 50s. Atlanta could potentially reach 65. Unsurprisingly, Miami should host the warmest of Thanksgiving dinners with the mild fall weather bringing temperatures in the mid-80s. This is surely a relief for 55 million Americans planning to travel distances greater than 50 miles ahead of Thanksgiving.

Farther inland, Thanksgiving temperatures should be cooler, though no extreme weather events are expected. The northern Plains and Intermountain West will reach the 30s and 40s, while some southwestern states see a warmer mid-50s. Cities along the West Coast, including Seattle, Reno, and Los Angeles, will experience a range of temperatures, with thermometers measuring numbers from the 50s all the way up through the mid-70s.

Mostly clear skies are expected for most of the country.

Temperatures Will Drop While Skies Remain Clear on Thanksgiving

It doesn’t look as though the forecast will change much after the 55 million traveling Americans reach their destinations ahead of Thanksgiving. However, certain regions of the country should expect a drop in temperature.

The news outlet reports that most of the Eastern half of the U.S. will see temperatures drop. That said, a broad region of this half of the nation could potentially see some rain. This includes states bordering the Gulf Coast and those in the Southeast, mid-Atlantic, and regions surrounding the Great Lakes. The Northeast as well as the Ohio and Tennessee Valleys can also expect to see some rain.

Unsurprisingly, temperatures in north-central cities and states, including Billings, Chicago, and Fargo will see a significant drop in temperatures. Highs in Billings should reach the mid-to-upper-40s while Fargo drops to freezing.

Weather conditions for regions surrounding Los Angeles should remain extremely mild, with highs nearing 80.

Thanksgiving Weekend Potentially Bringing Poor Weather to Areas of the U.S.

While Thanksgiving and Thanksgiving eve should, overall, grant us pleasant weather conditions, certain regions across the U.S. could potentially see storms brewing on Black Friday and over the weekend.

A combination of rain and snow will potentially make weekend Christmas shopping unpleasant. New York City is expected to see some rain while other areas of the Northeast and New England have the potential to see snow. Fortunately, however, forecasters don’t predict any significant accumulation.

Rain will likely impact states throughout the mid-Atlantic and Southeast. Americans across the Plains, however, should continue to experience sunny and mostly sunny skies.

Storms will again pick up though the farther west you’re located. Seattle and other cities throughout the Pacific Northwest could potentially see a storm system make its way on shore. Sunday promises to bring the most miserable weather, with potentially heavy rain spanning the Plains and the Gulf Coast, the Mississippi Valley up through the Southeast, and certain regions through the Ohio and Tennessee Valleys.