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This Alabama Tornado Video Looks Like Something Straight out of ‘Twister’

by Emily Morgan
Alabama Tornado Video Twister
Photo by: Francis Lavigne-Theriault

Alabama residents may not have to go to theaters to see the Twister sequel since they’re living out the plot. Alabama and Georgia were hit hard late Thursday night as over 35 tornadoes touched down in the southern states. Now, at least seven people, including a mother and her eight-year-old dead, and thousands are without power.

Now, we’re getting a first-hand look at the aftermath of these twisters, thanks to users on social media. In one horrifying clip, users watch a tornado touch down in Alabama like something out of a horror film. Check it out below.

The clip, which was shot by meteorologists Steve Glazier, was taken as the tornado in Alabama migrated north of Prattville and across Interstate 65. The area is located approximately ten miles north of downtown Montgomery, Alabama.

After he posted the harrowing clip, many were quick to leave comments about what they had just witnessed. “Ok, let’s all stand out in the field and watch this roll by,” wrote one Twitter user, pointing out the fact that people were casually standing outside as the monster twister hit their backyard. Another added, “Omg! That would scare me to death.”

As we reported earlier, at least five people have died in Alabama after multiple tornados touched down across the central part of the state late on Thursday night.

Alabama officials confirm fatalities, begin to rebuild following severe storms and tornadoes

Following the storms, interim Autauga County Sheriff David Hill confirmed the deaths. In addition, he sadly added that they could not rule out the potential to see more fatalities after they received reports of extensive damage to homes as well as severe injuries.

In addition, the Sheriff’s department also confirmed “several deaths” on Thursday via Facebook. However, at the time they did not release the number of deaths or any specifics.

“Please continue to pray for Autauga County,” they wrote in the post. “We had a major tornado touch down in the center of the County and exit our Northeast corner into Elmore County. Several lives were lost and we ask for prayers for these families. There is also widespread house and property damage in these areas, pray for those who lost homes. We have a long road ahead but if we work together we can rebuild. Stay Strong Autauga County!”

Moreover, Ernie Baggett, an Autauga County EMA, reported that the winds had knocked down multiple power lines in the area.

“Damage is extensive,” he wrote on Twitter, sharing some disheartening images of the mess. He added that the twisters had thrown multiple mobile homes into the air as the tornadoes ravaged the area. “They weren’t just blown over. They were blown a distance,” he said.