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Tornado Warning Trends on Social Media, Users Lose Their Mind

by Taylor Cunningham
(photo via Getty Images / Staff)

A massive storm front moved through the country today (Dec. 13), and it caused several tornado warnings, which turned the twisters into a Twitter trend.

The storm created chaos for parts of Oklahoma, Louisiana, and Texas. And while the devastation was far from funny, people were getting a kick out of all the hysterical posts on the platform from people who feared they were in the path of danger.

One user called Pizza Dad earned a moment of Twitter fame when he shared a clip from a man trying to make his way through a 1980s mirrored fun house, frantically looking for a way out.

“Everybody checking Twitter to see where the tornado warning is for,” he captioned.

“This was literally me,” @TrishE23 commented. “LOL

“Accurate lol,” mused @SatanicWytch.

Parts of the U.S. Are Still Under Tornado Warnings

All jokes aside, however, tonight’s weather did warrant a trend on the social media giant. Tornados touched down in parts of the South and Plains today that destroyed towns. And as of writing, warnings are still popping up in Mississippi and Louisiana.

Texas alone already has five confirmed touchdowns. One twister in Wise County was classified as an EF-2 with 125 mph winds. Officials expect to see heavy damage in the morning, and they will conduct surveys in the affected communities on Wednesday.

While only the five tornados were verified, the National Weather Service believes that there may have been as many as 12 tornadoes in the Lone Star state tonight. Radar and damage reports will help determine the exact number.

Unfortunately, the weather will continue throughout the week, as well.

Currently, the fronts are causing dangerous blizzard conditions with 55 mph winds for Montana, South Dakota, Nebraska, Wyoming, Kansas, and Colorado. The snow should stick around until Thursday, and by the time it clears, some areas will have up to two feet of fresh snow on the ground.

Currently, around 10 million people are under winter weather advisories.

Severe thunderstorms will continue in the South tonight, and move into the Gulf Coast on Wednesday. Tornado warnings are expected in Jackson, Mississippi; Mobile, Alabama; and New Orleans, Louisiana.

Then on Thursday morning, the Florida Peninsula will brace itself for weather. It will move inland on Friday and Saturday. New York City may also see some flash flooding with around two inches of rain.

Meanwhile, snow storms will resurface in Maine and Pennsylvania on Thursday morning as well.