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Tornadoes Rip Through Houston Area, Leave Thousands Without Power

by Emily Morgan
Tornadoes Rip Through Houston Thousands Without Power
Photo by: photovs

A massive storm system, which spawned tornado activity, touched down near the Houston area on Tuesday. As a result, it left thousands of residents in the dark. On Tuesday, the powerful storm made landfall on Texas’ gulf coast, picking up vehicles, tearing roofs off homes, and causing trees to take out power lines.

Before, the National Weather Service issued a tornado emergency for that part of the Lone Star State, cautioning people that a “large, extremely dangerous and potentially deadly tornado” was set to touch the ground Tuesday afternoon. They also said the twister’s trajectory was set for Baytown, about 25 miles east of the Texas city.

Now, cleanup crews are working to rebuild the affected areas. After the storm plowed through the area, officials determined it had damaged buisnesses, residences, and power lines in nearby Pasadena. The town is southeast of Houston.

In addition, the storm knocked over utility poles and power lines. Several cars, including a trailer, were also mangled or flipped over.

Tornadoes in Texas rip apart homes and businesses as people remain in blackout conditions

Footage from a local TV station showed several businesses had endured significant damage, including an animal shelter. However, there were no immediate reports of injuries. Despite no significant injuries, the Red Cross plans to open up a shelter in Pasadena.

However, a Texas chemical site was burning off natural gas after it lost steam due to the weather, per reports from Shell spokesperson Curtis Smith.

“We are taking steps to minimize any noise, light, or smoke associated with this activity, though it’s expected to continue until the units are restarted,” Smith said recently. “There is no threat to the community, nor are there any indications a nearby tornado touched down within the Chemicals facility.”

The tornado also did severe damage to a local nursing home. At the time, residents were evacuated, but no one was hurt.

According to PowerOutage.us, about 83,000 Texas customers were without power Tuesday evening, mainly in Houston and surrounding communities.

Per reports from the Storm Prediction Center in Norman, Oklahoma, areas along the Gulf coast from Houston to the Florida Panhandle were threatened by tornadoes.

In addition, the storm system also brought wintry conditions to much of the central part of the U.S. On Tuesday, schools and commercial businesses closed in Oklahoma. There, snow dumped between one and six inches across east and central parts of the state.

Moreover, in southwest Louisiana, multiple school districts dismissed students early Tuesday in preparation for severe weather in the area.