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Trapped 10-Year-Old Boy Escapes Mobile Home Through Broken Window During Louisiana Tornado

by Amy Myers
Photo by Brandon Bell/Getty Images

Communities around New Orleans are still recovering from the tornado from earlier this week, and among them is the family of 10-year-old Conner Darby, a brave preteen who escaped danger by thinking on his feet.

On Tuesday, as storms approached New Iberia, Louisiana, Darby became trapped in his mobile home on Bradley Lane. Prior to the tornado, he was with his mother, Stephanie Suire, but she had decided to check on her sick father just down the street. Meanwhile, Darby was finishing his homework.

Just as Suire reached her father’s residence, she realized the tornado was right on her heels.

“I get down the road and I see the tornado coming,” Suire told KLFY. 

Darby was alone with the family’s four dogs, two turtles and rabbits. But all Suire could think of was her son. She kept calling for Darby and could hear her son call back to her as they tried to devise a plan to get him out of the mobile home.

“All I knew was my child was in there, I had to get to him,” she said.

Luckily, Darby remained calm and collected in the face of disaster and climbed out of the broken window to escape the home in the midst of the tornado. During the fiasco, the 10-year-old sustained injuries from falling debris. Soon, local police and rescue personnel rushed to the scene to transport him to the hospital for treatment.

Louisiana Mother and Son Are Now Searching For a New Home Following Tornado

According to Darby’s grandmother, Genevieve Baudoin, he sustained a concussion and “lots of bruises and cuts.” The 10-year-old also stated that during the tornado, a hose “wrapped around him and threw him” and a few live wires had shocked him. He has since received stitches and has recovered from these injuries. Though the trauma of the situation remains.

“It’s hard,” his mother said. “Our families are helping us pull ourselves together and God has been with us through this whole disaster.” 

Darby and his mother are still looking for one of their dogs and are trying to collect what’s left of their home from the rubble of the tornado. They’ve created a GoFundMe page for anyone who wishes to help them in their time of need. So far, folks have helped raise $535 of the $5,000 goal.

“Pictures don’t do justice,” Baudoin wrote on the fundraiser’s page, adding, “to see it in person you would tell yourself how is he alive one word for that is God.”

Baudoin added that her daughter and grandson had only recently moved to the area and were spending their very first Christmas in New Iberia. Before the tornado struck, Suire had just purchased her son’s Christmas present, a new game system, but it did not survive the damage. Baudoin stated that all donations will go towards finding the pair a new home.